Gary and I were heading to Millford today talking about how sad it was that America is not aware enough or alert to the dangers we face with Islamo-terror when my anti-commie American eagle eyes spotted off in the distant a group of white haired 60s throw backs to the decline of America out on Hwy 5 in Millford protesting the war and remembering the “good ole days when they destroyed America!”

I decided to confront these anti-war, George Soros funded, has-been hippies with my favorite yell, “Go back to Cooba where you belong you commie freaks!” This usually embarrasses Gary, but he’s getting use to it.Gary’s thinking, “Oh, no! Here we go again!”

Anyway, I made a U-turn on Hwy 5 into my favorite office supply store and bought my poster board, huge black marker, and tape and constructed my sign for my impromptu counter-protest.I raced back to Hwy 5 and told my husband, “Park the car! I have to get out to Hwy 5. They’re not gonna get away with this if I have something to say about this!”

Right as I get there the gray-haired squad mustered up their strength to shout out “WAR MONGER” I turned around and showed them my sign, Islamo-Fascist Appeasers Ahead!” I screamed back, “Just want you to see who you really are!” They laughed.

As soon as I picked my space on the sidewalk and held up my sign a reporter, probably from the La Raza Herald, shows up instantaneously to take pics of the commies. I put my self in his picture and he got miffed. I said, “Of course you’d support them, you’re the media” He gave me that arrogant elitist look that they always give ya,”Yep, you’re right. Whatcha gonna do about it?”

He did eventually take pictures of me standing there and moved on. Was this a heaven sent moment or what?

Gary decided he was going to buy the biggest American made flag he could find at the store. He bought it and took off running down to Hwy 5 dreaming of being Mel Gibson in the Patriot when Mel raced through the bloody streets of 1783 Yorktown, flag blowing in the wind, and Gary, with his determined look on his face to win this war with silver haired pseudo-intellectuals.

Meanwhile, as I am standing for America one of the old hippies approached me to take my gorgeous picture. I just couldn’t help myself so I encouraged her to go back to the 60s, “Honey cause this is a new generation!” She quickly turned on her birkenstocks and stuck her liberal nose up in the air and walked off like the self-absorbed 60s brat that she never grew out of!

Islamo-Fascist Appeasers Ahead!

“HA! Got her,” I thought. Gary came running down the drive way to Hwy 5 and some old vet screamed at him saying, “You’d be better at a recruiting office than sitting on your fat @$$ in front of the keyboard!”Huh? That’s all they can say! Wow! They really are has-beens. So Gary stood with his gia-hugic American flag and his sign that read “Don’t Betray Our Troops” and I held my sign warning on coming traffic of the Islamo-Fascist Appeasers Ahead! They never saw us coming. They didn’t stay very long! We were the last ones standing!It was a glorious day!