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By Michelle Malkin • June 20, 2007 09:43 AM

Left Leaning Moore

Michael Moore is in Washington today for a screening of his crockumentary, Sicko. What’s alarming is not his pre-school level of comprehension about the health care market and pharmaceutical industry–but the fact that so many share and swallow his uninformed views.

NC sez: Moore needs to go back to Cooba where he belongs! He won’t, though, cause his limo will be destroyed from the potholes down their narrow and bumpy dirt roads!

The NYPost’s Kyle Smith has a devastating review here.

An Excerpt:

Regardless of whether any particular claim in “Sicko” is true, no one doubts that lots of insured and uninsured Americans face health-care crises. So far, Moore is master of the obvious. We all hate insurance companies and red tape, and we all want to improve the system. Where do we go from here?

To France, Britain and Canada, says Moore, who presents each of them as a health-care paradise. But lots of people in those countries have health-care nightmares of their own. Here’s how easy it is to lie by anecdote: Say I wanted to make a film about gay black Republicans who live in Chelsea. I find ten of them, make a film about them, and you walk out of the theater thinking: Wow, so many gay black Republicans in Chelsea! The six years it took me to find these ten guys will go unnoted.
All three countries are edging away from how Moore portrays them. Moore knows that in France, where he praises not only the health service but limits on working hours, expansive unemployment benefits and the country’s three preferred forms of exercise—street-marching, banner-hoisting and strikes—a new conservative president was just elected by promising to cut back on such nonsense. (According to Moore, if you need a babysitter or help with the laundry, the French government will send a trained professional right over.)

NC sez: Apparently, what Moore overlooked was the last election where a Conservative was elected by a landslide. The conservatives got out of bed, and voted while the lefties, in their demoralized mentally ill state, stayed in bed and didn’t vote. They should try that here. A conservative Frenchie ran on the platform of “get off your lazy butts and go to work! This country is going to be overrun by wealthy terrorists who want to cut off our heads if we don’t do something about this” or however you say that in French, soon to be Arabic if the Frenchies aren’t careful.

Everywhere he looks, Moore finds French happiness. But this phrase is as close to an oxymoron as French rock. In a poll, 85 percent of the French recently said their country is heading in the wrong direction. Right direction? Nine percent. In France in 2003, 15,000 mostly elderly hospital patients died in an August heat wave–because hospitals lack air conditioning and doctors were on vacation.

NC sez: I see the French believe in Eugenics and Population Zero. “Get rid of the old so there’s more for ME! ” Viva la France!

The French parliament blamed the health care system. That’s five times 9/11’s toll, all of it preventable, 

NC sez: Were the Commies and pro-death group thinkers passing out candy on that day?

all of it unlamented by Moore. Moore knows that in Britain, where National Health Service spending has more than doubled since Tony Blair was elected, with little to show for it, there is a two-tier health system: the smart set carry private insurance, which Moore wants to outlaw in the U.S. The cliché in London (check out this story and this one) is that the except for his private insurance that he gets through his Actor’s Union, of course well-shod go to the same doctor as the suckers on the National Health Service. The difference is that private clients get treated right away while the NHS losers wait two years to get their strep throat looked at.
Moore glosses over wait times, hoping his audience is too stupid to notice. He asks a handful of Canadian patients how long they had to wait to see the doctor. Oh, 20 minutes, 45 minutes, everyone says. So if Moore finds five people who didn’t have to wait, there’s no waiting for anybody!

NC sez: Oh, really Mr. Moore. Then how do you explain the town of Bellingham, Wa., near the USA/Canadian border, with a population of about 45,000 American Citizens, building a brand new giahugic, shiny, and updated hospital with a trauma unit sized for a city five times the size of Bellingham? Huh? You Commie, “Hate America First” freak! Let me explain this as simply as I can for you: Because of ALL of the CANADIANS that are coming to AMERICA for real health care! DUH!!!


Carter Wood further dismantles Moore’s fantasy propaganda here. And the innovators in the pharmaceutical industry aren’t going to lie back.
Reality-based documentarian Stuart Browning, who has chronicled health care woes in Canada, has a new video out that tackles the myth of the uninsured in America. Watch it.
The real “Sicko,” he says, is socialized medicine. Indeed.

NC sez: Currently, in Washington state where we basically have government health care, an average family of four pays four thousands dollars a year on taxes. $4000. a year! What can you do with 4K for your family in a year? If you think this is bad now you wait ’til the feds introduce massive government health care. If health care is so terrible in this country then why hasn’t Michael Moore died of a heart attack or stroke yet? From high cholesterol? You know from all of his hamburgers and McDoogle fries he was forced into the doctor with his acid reflux disease, high triclycerides, and cholesterol. Well, he’s still walking around lying about America as we can all see.

Go back to Cooba, Moore, where you belong, and see how long you last there! You guys keep threatening to leave this country– Another promise you refuse to keep!