So once again the REAL Americans whooped the Senate’s supercilious butts, and the Scamnesty bill died! Thank God! Twelve Republicans voted for this cloture bill which included McCain who may as well wrap up his run for President. If his run wasn’t dead before this vote it is now! No loss to America! Of course, Washington’s two senators, Murray and Cantdowell also voted yes. They’re ahead of the pack when it comes to blame America first, and the ne’rdowells who tear down this great Nation. Will the libs who were against the scamnesty bill vote them out of Office? Oh, hell no! That would require honesty in thought to do something outside of the normal progressive polity. Do the liberals ever believe in protecting this Country from invaders? Only if they’re Conservative invaders!

The dems controlled the Yea votes and the Rs controlled the Nay votes so you can clearly see the Rs who voted with those who hate America need to be removed and used as examples of what Americans really think of this so called divisive nation. I just don’t believe that most Americans are divided and this Scamnesty bill proved it.

Now, let’s get together and force these arrogant boneheads to enforce the laws we already have! Yes, we all know that would be far too easy, and the camera whores wouldn’t get the airtime they crave. I say we embarASS them with the fervor we had to kill this bill because they oh, so deserve that.

If Americans can kill this traitorous bill then Americans can rid themselves of the RINO who brought this bill forward in the first place. If you didn’t already know who the RINO was who co-sponsored with the pickled Kennedy 121282.jpgit was Arlen Specter-R, quoted as saying, “I think we have by and large earned the title of ugly Americans.” Protecting America is now an ugly past time! It’s time Americans get real deadly serious about cleaning up the beltway of the back room deals, pig fat, and lies and get real Statesmen in office.

I predict there will be less RINOs running amuck in upcoming elections, and they deserve it, and I’m glad. I guess Republicans needs a reminder of what it means to be in the minority again so they can get back on the right track! If the Conservatives would ostracize these RINOs, help to hound them out of the party then we could see their true dedication to this Nation, but instead they call them fellow colleagues instead of selfish, self-rewarding traitors. This is war MAN! Alienate them, don’t play with them. RINOs on the Run

I know that some conservatives think that if the Rs weren’t in control our country would suffer damage BUT realize that RINOs run amuck actually do more damage to our side than people like the shellacked Teddy boy or overweening upChuck Schumer.

I’ve said this before so I’ll quote myself again, “If the RINOs want to see real change then move over to the Democrat side, and conservatize that side instead of coming over to the Right side and trying to liberalize us!”

On the issue of what needs to be done let’s focus on two goals: 1. Build the fence and 2: fine those businesses who hire illegals and disallow any tax deductions for hiring illegals.

Corporations DO NOT care about American sovereignty. They don’t care about fences, and borders or jobs being taken away from Americans. They only care about the bottom line for their personal selves. Wake up America because those pro-scamnesty politicians are only working for the global corporate and fascist special interests at our expense!

This is quite scary because it really means we not only have terrorists and illegals running our economy into the ground, but we have corporate giants running our economy into the ground so long as they get their zillions they don’t care.

Moving businesses across oceans didn’t save them enough money so now they want to hire illegals for super low wages, basically as one person called it, “legal slavery” i.e. corporate serfdom.

I am sick of the RINOs who have taken over the Republican party, and it’s time we demonstrate just how much power We the People have over them. I was a strong supporter of President Bush, but now I see that he is a supporter of Global Fascism, and you will soon see it too when the discussion of the Super Illegal highway aka the Texas Corridor hits the airwaves.

If you think the Scamnesty bill was a fight just wait until this fight starts. Bush slipped an amendment into the war budget bill that allowed unregulated Mexican truckers to drive our highways to Canada who can’t even read our highway signs.

How much money does it take to make a poor Mexican truck driver pack illegals, drugs, or terrorists into a cargo truck?

We’ll soon have the answer to that riddle. 115426.jpg