By: Devvy
July 16, 2007
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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” –Henry David Thoreau

zina1.jpgOn July 4, 2007, 12-year old Zina (Zinnie) Linnik, was kidnapped from her back yard in Tacoma, Washington, only feet from her family after watching Fourth of July fireworks. An animal named Terapon Adhahn, a 42-year old convicted sex offender from Thailand is to be charged with her murder; he led police to her dead body. Her panties and other evidence were found in the dump he lived in; an autopsy will no doubt show he raped this child. That is why these children are abducted: to be raped and then murdered by two legged animals. Adhahn was convicted in 1990 for incest; he raped his 16-year old step daughter, but the charge was reduced. He’s currently being held by ICE on immigration violations. That’s right, another illegal alien slaughters an innocent child and all the talking heads on cable networks keep asking, “Gee, why wasn’t he deported after his first conviction?” Guess what the response has been from law enforcement? No one requested he be deported! Zina’s blood is on the hands of those who had Adhahn the first time and didn’t follow through with deporting him back to Thailand – a country rich in sexual predators and child sex trafficking.

People like Jerry Rivers, aka Geraldo Rivera, will say this has nothing to do with the illegals invasion, but rational individuals who can still think fully understand this IS the tragic result of a failed immigration policy. Had this animal been deported back in the early ’90s, this little precious girl would probably be alive today. Imagine the terror this 12-year old child suffered at not only being snatched from the arms of her family, but her last hours alive were spent being sexually assaulted in the most heinous fashion by an adult male. This is the image her parents and siblings will have to live with forever. What? You think Adhahn kept her panties in his shack because he found them on the street and thought they were pretty?

I watch these cases unfold on cable networks; they’re becoming more frequent and the blood of little Zina drips from the hands of counterfeit U.S. Senators Marie Cantwell and Patty Pancake Murray of Washington State. These two brain dead females voted for the soundly defeated massive amnesty bill a few weeks ago. Cantwell and Murray voted for lawlessness. They voted to allow terrorists to stay in this country because they will lie through their teeth to stay here illegally. Cantwell and Murray voted to keep monsters like Adhahn here in their home state to continue killing innocents. Save the mail: I absolutely believe in innocent until proven guilty, but this monster took law enforcement to her body, her undergarments were found in his house. What? The tooth fairy told Adhahn where Zina’s little broken body was and out of the goodness of his heart, he leads authorities to her? No, law enforcement had him backed into a corner. Cantwell and Murray have illegally served in the senate for years and they have done NOTHING to stop this senseless slaughter.

I have written many columns about the innocent who die at the hands of illegal aliens for corporate profit; see links at the bottom. Yet, millions of Americans continue to own stock in those corporations that willfully and knowingly hire illegal aliens. Those dividend checks drip with the blood of innocents. Today between 12 and 25 Americans will die at the hands of illegal aliens while these corporate pimps in Congress now move on to more meaningless (H.R. 35: To amend title 4, United States Code, to encourage the display of the flag of the United States on Father’s Day), mostly unconstitutional legislation while the invasion continues. Following the defeat of this latest attempt at amnesty, mouthpieces for Congress let it be known that the immigration issue was now dead until after the elections. That’s just damn dandy. The next pretend elections are November 2008. Nothing will get done in the District of Deceit until January 2009 and then it will be back to business as usual. Do Americans understand the implications by this body of worthless and dangerous lawbreakers simply walking away from the problem?

The 46 counterfeit U.S. Senators who voted for that amnesty bill all have hands dripping with the blood of the thousands of Americans slaughtered by illegals every year and they don’t give a damn. Each and every one of these craven, gutless career politicians who have supported giving illegals a free pass are responsible for the rape and murder of these children by violent sexual predators. This pdf file contains the home addresses and some phone numbers for the 46 counterfeit U.S. Senators who voted to continue this lawlessness. Most Americans cannot afford to get to Washington, DC or the offices of these senators, so folks might consider getting together and exercising their First Amendment right to peaceful assembly and visit these senators at their homes. I just know they will be glad to see ya all! Let them know you will do everything in your power to (1) Get one state to recognize the fraud of the Seventeenth Amendment and force a constitutional show down and (2) throw their backsides out of office. If you think this won’t have a profound impact on these corporate pimps, years ago the great ladies known as Soccer Moms with A Brain (SF Bay Area) showed up at the houses of the wealthy elite in their exclusive enclaves where fund raisers for Bill Clinton were being held. They came with their children in strollers and signs that read, “Beware: Sexual Predator in Neighborhood.” It did not go over well with the perfumed snobs who think they’re Gods.

Many states of the Union are passing tough anti-illegal alien laws because the federal government has failed since 1986 to get the job done. Instead, it protects lice like U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton who prosecutes our finest while protecting drug smugglers – criminals. One of the first mayors who stepped forward with action is Louis Barletta of Hazelton, PA; see here. It appears his wisdom and courage is taking hold. Only the voices of the people throughout America will force this positive action by local and state officials. The American Communist Lawyers Union (ACLU) is throwing their money into full swing in an effort to stop these cities, towns and states from taking the necessary steps to stop this invasion that Congress won’t. The Republicans had 12 years to shut off the ACLU’s unconstitutional money teat via the American taxpayer’s checkbook and did nothing. Without the unconstitutional Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Awards Act of 1976, the ACLU wouldn’t have the necessary financial backing to continue their assault on elected officials throughout this country trying to stop the hemorrhaging destroying their cities, towns, hospitals and way of life for their citizens. Not to mention the violence and drug dealers coming across the border by the thousands. The ACLU sends their vermin down to the border to harass our Minutemen groups who are doing what the federal government should have done twenty years ago. How can any real American belong to an organization like the ACLU is beyond me and please, save the BS mail about how they’re there to represent the rights of scum like NAMBLA (North American Men and Boys Love Association whose mottos is ‘Sex after eight, it’s too late’).

I pray that today isn’t the day another violent sexual predator who is here illegally grabs your precious child or another drunk illegal alien kills you or your loved one while driving illegally our roads and highways. Please continue hammering on your member of Congress to get that border fence built, support constant and forceful enforcement of current immigration law regarding employers and any federal judge who continues to rule that illegal aliens have “rights” like “free” medical treatment, education, etc., are removed from the bench. Illegals have NO constitutional rights and neither do their kids. Take away the perks and the illegals will go home. Those who refuse, must be rounded up and deported regardless of country of origin.

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