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Betrayal of the mother of two – who both were killed by the drunken actions of an illegal alien named Pastor Rios Sanchez (pictured) – compounds the tragedy of her children’s untimely deaths. If citizens cannot turn to district attorneys and other government officials for justice, in what kind of country do we live?


In one of the more despicable acts committed in this Washington, DC-sanctioned illegal alien disaster that plagues our country and all law-abiding citizens within it, today in Sanford, North Carolina, an illegal alien named Pastor Rios Sanchez, killer of three American children, will be offered an opportunity to walk away from the responsibility he bears for this dreadful and tragic crime.

Lee County Assistant District Attorney Mike Beam, in a shameful and disgusting act that will be repudiated by all decent Americans, plans to offer Rios a chance to plead guilty to three counts of mere involuntary manslaughter and face only 16 to 20 months in prison for each count.

Reporting on the incident, Gordon Anderson of the Sanford Herald in Sanford, North Carolina, had this to say:

The news has Dannon Forbes of Columbia, S.C., fuming. Forbes is the mother of 16 year-old Ben Leonard and 22 year-old Megan Hughes, both of whom were killed on Oct. 27 when Rios, 55, slammed head-on into their vehicle on Avent’s Ferry Road. Jennifer Carter, 18, a friend from Jacksonville of the other two victims, also died in the accident.

Forbes said she hopes the presiding judge will reject the plea deal. “All I know is that I have to keep fighting this,” she said. “The D.A.’s office was supposed to be defending my kids, and it looks like they won’t.”

State troopers said at the time of the accident that Rios was drunk and in the United States illegally. Originally, he was also charged with several traffic violations including driving while impaired. Those charges will reportedly be dropped under the plea arrangement, Forbes said. For any sentence Rios receives, he’ll be given credit for the 10 months he’s served since his October arrest.

Beam couldn’t be reached for comment Friday, but Rios’ attorney, Norman “Chip” Post, confirmed the plea deal. “(The case) isn’t on the Superior Court calendar, but I expect we’ll be working it in as early as we can, hopefully Monday,” said Post, who was appointed to represent Rios. “I can’t say for certain, but I expect he’ll be pleading guilty to three counts of involuntary manslaughter, and the other charges will be dropped. We need to get this resolved.” Post said his client is remorseful for his actions. “He’s very, very sorry. It’s a tragic accident,” Post said. “We, of course, feel terrible for those who have lost loved ones in this.”

In November, federal immigration agents confirmed that Rios is in the country illegally and placed him under an immigration detainer, meaning that if he’s going to be released from custody for any reason, he’ll be turned over to federal authorities, who can begin the process of deporting him.

Forbes said that wouldn’t please her either.

“So what’s going to stop him from coming right back to Lee County, or anywhere else?” she said. “How many more sets of parents are going to have to go through what he put me through?”

Indeed. What is going to stop him from coming back to plague and kill more innocent Americans who have the full promise of productive and happy lives ahead of them? A border fence? Scratch that one. Other strict border controls? Scratch that one. Enforcement of immigration law? Nah. Unimpeded border control agents? Scratch that one. No jobs for them once they get here? Forget that. No free health care when they get here? Scratch that one. Immigration officers who have the time and the resources to prosecute them? Scratch that one. On and on.

And why would anyone doubt that he would come back? Our jails are already brimming with illegal aliens who, on average, have been arrested 8 times for, on average, 13 crimes each. Many of them have been deported, some several times, only to do a return trip to America and pull it off just as easily as their first one(s). And the crimes they commit are among the most heinous one can imagine: child molestation, child abuse, rape, murder, death by drunk driving, incest. Further, as violent crime and drug distribution and possession are prevalent among illegal aliens, over 25% of today’s federal prison population is comprised of illegals. In some areas of the country, 12% of the felonies, 25% of the burglaries and 34% of the thefts are committed by illegal aliens. It’s important to note that estimates indicate that illegals represent about 5% of the total U.S. population.

How do we allow this to continue? Because our politicians lack the guts to do anything substantial to curb the illegal alien onslaught against America’s sovereignty and safety. Republicans want cheap workers and are beholden to corporate interests, and Democrats want voters whom they believe illegals will turn out to be – for their party. Where does that leave law-abiding citizens? In the middle, holding the body bags of their loved ones.

If this sounds like a castigation of career politicians whose main concern is to get re-elected, rather than to care more for their constituency’s rights, it is meant to be. Too much death and destruction have rained down on America because of the betrayals of career politicians. In a government of, by and for the people, our only recourse is to kick out the politicians who do not take a strong stand against this horrific situation by clamping down on the immigration debacle they have allowed to flourish, enforce our existing immigration laws and provide the resources necessary to enforce them effectively.

In the meantime, mothers like Dani Forbes, who lost two beloved children to the drunken antics of someone who didn’t even belong here, continue to cry in the night for a loss that is incalculable, infinite and indescribable in its pain. Shame on all of us for allowing this to happen.

When will we wake up to defend ourselves from truly evil forces from within our own country? Will it take the deaths of our own children to do so? At the rate Americans are being killed by illegals, this is not a distant possibility.

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