Innocent Life In Orwell’s novel masterpiece 1984, he introduces us to the futuristic dystopian language of “newspeak” – the official, purposeful corruption of the language wielded by the fascist elite to brainwash the masses, to replace truthful, accurate language with pleasing, euphemistic expressions – often masking the exact opposite of reality…

What is the true meaning behind the euphemism “assisted suicide”, and why does the Left want to create a new “Right” out of it? Upon a close semantic examination of this seeming oxymoron, why wouldn’t this accurately be deemed newspeak, if not just a “nuanced” form of homicide? Did Adolf Hitler’s storm-troopers assist the Jews?

How much “planning for parenthood” does the sacred Leftist “Planned Parenthood” perform? Since ‘pre-meditated’ is a synonym for the term ‘planned’, and snuffing babies is this organization’s first priority, wouldn’t “Premeditated Infanticide” be a much more truthful title for this ostensibly vaunted institution?

How about “Intended Infanticide“? Planned Parenthood – newspeak at its finest!

Why don’t Leftists call the “Morning-After” Pill what it actually is? Any ideas? How about calling it the Mourning-After Pill? One of the “medicines”, which Big Daddy is now forcing pharmacists to dispense, is called “Plan B.” Uh.., what was Plan A, anyway? And, how did Plan A go awry, thus, necessitating ‘Plan B’? With “Plan B”, designed to do away with the sticky medical ‘affliction’ of a viable pregnancy, is there a need to have a Plan A any longer?

Have you ever noticed the term “Birth Control” is interestingly used, instead, to euphemistically refer to contraception? (i.e. Life-conception Control) Can you see any irony here?

If the “Pro-Life” movement can accurately label their anti-infanticide movement, then why does the Left have to hide behind the grandest newspeak of them all, “Pro-Choice”?

Let’s examine this so-called ‘Choice’: Which of the following choices is this referring to?

  • 1) The choice made among a myriad of contraceptive options?
  • 2) The choice to genuinely plan for parenthood?
  • 3) The choice to inform her parents of her plans for parenthood if a minor?
  • 4) The choice endowed to the father of his desires for his conceived child?
  • 5) The choice of how to best raise the child once he/she is born?
  • 6) The invented “right to choose” to perform assisted infanticide, at any time, and for any reason, or for no reason, regardless of the interests and actual rights of the baby’s father, a minor’s parents, or the infant’s God-given Right to Life?

A recent phenomenon I’ve noticed, and canard, is where prominent Leftist politicians to call for human abortions to become “rare”! Interesting – please elucidate for me any achievements the Pro-Choice movement has accomplished along the road to rarity? More than 45 MILLION lives snuffed just since the Roe vs. Wade decision are deemed as RARE occurrences??

This amounts to more than 3,500 deaths each day. That’s more lives lost than at the hands of Al Qaeda killers on Sept. 11th, 2001. That’s more deaths in one day than all U.S. military personnel killed since 9/11 in the war against Islamo-fascism. Put another way, that’s the equivalent of nearly 10 fully-loaded 747 jumbo-jets crashing every single day – without a single survivor. Does this rate of death sound rare to anyone?

Why must Leftists resort to the continual twisting of our language?