Hal Turner, a flaming Anti-American, white supremacist, aka all around human hater, I’m so happy to say, has been duped (or has he?) into believing that a new coin was snuck out of the Treasury Department and mailed to him personally, cuz he’s so special–yeah special ed, for expose´ purposes on his internet radio show.

He wrote up a scare piece with youtube and CNBC vids and Breaking News in deep red letters at the top of his article for reality sake cuz Turner has the inside know on the upcoming North American Union Amero Denero.

Here are the supposed mystery coins:


No mystery here: The truth of the matter is that these fantasy coins were created by Daniel Carr who designs what he, no pun intended, coins, “private issue fantasy pattern.” One can actually buy these at this site: Designs computed toward the end of this year.

Turner has called for assassinations, overthrow of the government , and if he were really honest he would admit to the the truth that the Lily Whites (KKK and skin head types) have joined forces with the Islamofacists to bring terror to this Nation. He is a terror propagandist and I do hope the government is watching this dangerous looney Socialist.

Only in America would someone like this loon be able to freely propogate such a stupid concoction and get someone to believe him.