declaration_stone_thumb_295_dark_gray_bg1.jpgWhether you are a liberal or a conservative, Christian, Jew or atheist we all have one thing in common: our freedom to pursue our notion of Happiness. America is the only nation on this planet with this call for freedom and Americans have forgotten who they are and why they are here.

We have a common enemy who wants to destroy our way of life. The distractive arguments we all get into serves the purpose well to keep us busy while those in power destroy what nation we have left. When will we get it and start working together to save America–OUR COUNTRY? Is the notion of America and what we stand for really that evil that it’s no longer worth fighting for?

Is a One World Government (aka Utopia–to bring peace and justice, health care and wurker’s rights) really what it’s designed to be? Can anyone give me an example–JUST ONE– of where this fantasy has worked?

In all of the world’s 6000 years of human existence can anyone find ONE example where this novel idea has worked? Since the old Proverb states that there is nothing new under the sun surely there has to be one example where this Utopia has worked!

I can show you where power hungry men claiming to be the point men for a Utopian form of government have ended up being well-fed while millions starved. I can show where machine gun carrying money-grubbing men have gotten the best of medical care while the slaves have died of no medical attention. I can show you where the so called freedom lovers and lovers of humanity ended up being possessed with power and murdering millions of Innocents in the most gruesome of tactics so as to keep their corrupted power. Where on earth has this so called Utopian government worked?

Fallible men who bleed and die will never be able to create a Utopian Society. The best that man has to offer is to create Law that will protect–truly protect the Individual–yes Individual–NOT GROUPS– from power hungry and evil men who want to control and dominate for their own personal gain. Positive Law created out of Natural Law depends on men who will protect it, men who are willing to take a stand on the principle of this Natural Law. This requires a study of Natural Law to remind us where it comes from and who really is in control. Those in power are equally subject to the same universal, absolute laws that apply to every human being, and thus do not have any more Rights than anyone else, this being another reason our Constitution included specific, enumerated limits to the powers of government.

It’s time to go back to basics: the study of Logic, Philosophy and Ancient World History, which is necessary to understand where our Constitution comes from and why our Founders created this document. I suggest a study of the Ancient World as a starting point. As an example, I will bring up William Wallace also known as Brave Heart. Wallace had a firm grasp even unto death on the importance of freedom for the Individual because of his study of Logic, Philosophy and Ancient World History. His faith in freedom did not come out of a vacuum. He was well educated. We can no longer trust our educational systems to educate our children in the Truth and the perennial philosophy when those money grubbers, post modern sophists, disguised as “educators” deliberately redefine what Truth & History is so as to perpetuate their power and to secure their jobs.

The Founding Fathers, versed in ancient history, framed the first constitution for a federal Republic that limited and balanced the powers of government, and as a consequence, this constitution recognized and protected what I like to call the un-a-LIEN-able natural rights or natural law for each individual; meaning that natural Rights aka Natural Law, can not have a lien placed upon them. Natural Rights can not have laws passed against them. They are given to us by our Creator and fallible man can do nothing to take those Rights away from us. We can allow ourselves to be lied to that our Rights do not come from God, but if they don’t come from God, logic dictates that Man gives us our Rights, thus Man can take them away from us. Man can decide what Rights we get or don’t get or who gets them, thus we set up Man to be our god. As we see in current events, some people and groups are presumed to possess more Rights than others, a dangerous notion for humans to practice.

Our Founders, versed in the failures of ancient governmental orders, examined and had knowledge of those universal principles that are moral and right for all men to live by in all ages. Natural law represents the inherent moral order of the Universe and is intimately related to man’s created nature or soul. The Framers created a document separating governmental powers so as to protect the people from government run by fallible men who have a natural tendency to expand their powers.

The framers who diligently studied history and knew the flaws that spawn tyrannical governments, created the best system of government that human history has ever seen, and that is even possible given corrupt human nature. It may not be perfect, and the framers recognized this, by providing for an amendment process in Article 5. But no matter how well crafted this Constitution may be, it will never be sufficient to guarantee that the Powers will confine themselves to their boundaries without active vigilance and wise and informed intervention by the People.

Thomas Jefferson stated, “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter, or to abolish, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organize its powers in such a form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect safety and Happiness . . . . But when a long trian of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invarible the same Object evinces a design to reduce then under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security” (Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776)

We need to ask the question why we defend America and our culture, and once we answer that question, then ACT ON IT as if our freedom, life and posterity depend on it because THEY DO! Another quesion to ask is: If you picked a random political leader or lawyer would they be able to write a Consitution with the same philosophical understanding as our Founders had, and if not should they be enforcing law, or sitting in a Court of Law deciding cases or crafting legislation? If not, then why do we vote for them? We should expect better for ourselves.