Protective ChokeholdWitness the stranglehold of political correctness at its finest when patriots attempt to speak out freely about the Islamification of their country…

Such is the state of Brussels, de facto capital city of Europa – police state that is. Note the friendly protective chokehold administered to this right-winger as he attempts to exercise free speech and denounce the inexorable takeover of his native country by radical Islam. Too bad all of their guns have been seized from the unwashed proletariat.

Sadly, Europeans are ahead of us in establishing Orwell’s wordwide fascist nanny state, here in America we are only slightly behind them.

Note the Orwellian circular symbol dispayed on the police uniform hats of these friendly Stormtroopers of Goodness:

Helping Handlers -flickering, reminiscent of the state’s helping hand of Zyklon B.

Check out the following video of what happened in Brussels as a few patriots attempted a final gasp by peacefully protesting their destruction – coming to a Big Daddy nanny-state near you:

I was especially struck by the sounds of yelping police dogs toward the end – nice texture. Watch the video again, and if you’ve got a patriotic bone in you, prepare to become ill..