Picture this: You’re cuddled up next to your spouse in your warm bed slipping into sleep and in security when you’re awaken with the blood curdling screams from someone in your small neighborhood. Then there’s silence. You get up to investigate and as you walk down the stairs you are met with men dressed in black carrying knives determined to end your life. You scream and then there’s silence. The next day the police go to this neighborhood discovering that every house has been violated and the stench of dried blood soaks clothes, beds, rugs, curtains, and walls as the police count dead body after dead body after dead body.

This is the picture of a dry run murderous rampage on a tiny village community by demon possessed anti-human monsters in the name of their demon moon god Allah. Is it possible for America or Britain to wake up to the morning news flashing “Breaking News” depicting such an attack? Yes, it is possible! Anything is possible these days!

zorkot2.jpgYesterday, a man was arrested for allegedly trolling a quiet neighborhood park with an AK-47. (We have to say “allegedly” because even these monsters get to benefit from the very Constitutional Right of Due Process they would deny anyone to have under their system of slavery, I mean Theocrazy.) He was dressed in all black and had black camouflage make up covering his face. Twenty-six year old *medical student and Dearbornistan, Michigan resident, Houssein Zorkot “was observed attempting to leave the park in a black SUV.” Neighbors, vigilant and not in denial about what America is facing, watched this man troll their park. The park where innocent children play and people jog with their dogs. Their neighborhood park which, for them, signifies picnics and baseball games, now no longer a source of relaxation, but of a place for a potential terrorist attack.

Zorkot is also a blogger who claims allegiance with Hezbollah, who states is “not a terrorist organization! Hizbollah is a national resistance organization” who “protects Lebanon”. We should ask the Lebanese how protected they feel with Hizbollah controlling them.


Who does Hizbollah protect Lebanon from? Israel? If you ask the Citizens of Lebanon they will tell you that they want Hizbollah OUT! Their president just doesn’t posses the muslim gonads to step up and protect his own country! Zorkot states that “Lebanon is part of the Middle East , not the West” of course, most Lebanese would disagree with that statement. Lebanon has been under attack by Islamists for decades and they are exhausted from the forced war and utter depravity that persistent terrorism has upon them. Lebanon is a base of operation for all Israel haters and murderers. We, as Americans, have no clue what persistent war is, but surely the Lebanese do know this constant war and threat of war by these aggressive Imperialists, the Radical Muslims.

Was Zorkot, the muslim, a victim of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome,” (SJS), a syndrome which seems to overtake seemingly well – respected and productive members of American society, or is it that that character behind the potential attack was a monster all along masking his true identity by blending in using a respectful demeanor–waiting for the perfect opportunity? farashat.jpg

Zorkot goes onto blog in Arabic about his “Personal Jihad in the US”. Well, he can continue his jihad in prison.

Why was Zorkot trolling a neighborhood park?
How many times had he and/or others trolled this park?
Is your neighborhood and your park under surveillance?

*Note: The Muslim Doctors and Dentist Association Constitution, Section 2.1, and 2.1.1. Hat Tip to Rocky

Reference: Heritage Newspaper, published September 12, 2007. Retrieved from: http://www.pressandguide.com/stories/091207/loc_breakingnews.shtml