Marion County, Fla., cops relased the pictures of postcards to the media in hopes of generating leads for their investigation of nine postcards that were sent to different schools depicting the words “Jihad-Boom” with handwritten pictures of a building appearing to explode with people inside.

“Officials said that the postcards are made up of various and traditional themes, and each one has a distinctive hand-drawn cartoon on it. Several of the threats arrived on postcards featuring Walt Disney World” stated reporters from WKMG, a Flordia media outlet.

Detectives said the author of the threats “crossed his or her No. 7s.” Some of the postcards had the word Jihad misspelled and were mailed from the Ocala-Gainesville mailing district before 9-11-07.

There is a $10,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the author of the threats.

These threats have also caused a ban on packbacks for the kids who go to these schools. Yes, now we have a gun free, drug free, and packback free zone! What’s next? Education free zones? Oh, wait! We already have that!