This is what over weening pride looks like!

And the cause of global warming!


Un -Freakin’-Believable that washed out al-Gore shamefully accepts the “piece” prize. His opponent? The real hero who saved 2500 kids from being exterminated in the Nazi death camps risking her own life doing it! Wow! al-Gore is such a hero for lying to the world all to make his money while jetting around in his dirty jets.

I’m going to call this the “piece” prize because this so called honor is starting to look like a line up of murderous, anti-Jewish fascist, Israel land stealing (taking a piece here, and a piece there), dictators, and tyrants being nominated and winning the top award. Winners such as AIDs riddled Arafat, anti-Jewish leader Jimma Carter, and let’s not forget the nominations of such notorious dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, and Stalin. By the way, Arafat’s “piece” prize was stolen by his lovely neighbors, HAMAS when they took over Gaza.

al-Gore should be quite prideful (if it’s even possible for him to get more prideful than he already is–have you noticed his chest lately–He can’t stick it out any further!) right about now for being in the same camp with these low life people who now know there is a God and there is a Hell!

I can hardly wait to see our planet in ten years from now so we can all laugh our butts off because we aren’t drowning in sea water! I guess the buzz is that he will run against his arch nemesis Hitlary. This ought to get real interesting.