Reid, on the floor of the Senate, taking credit for
the $2.1 million raised for his censure letter.

Senator Harry Reid, one of the biggest traitors in American history, is trying to weasel in on the success of talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s auction of the original Harry Reid letter to Clear Channel demanding censure of Limbaugh over a statement Limbaugh never made! The letter was put up on Ebay and was auctioned off for over a whopping 2.1 million dollars of which Limbaugh matched. The donations will go to the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation to benefit the children of fallen soldiers and law enforcement officers.

Reid, being the camara whore that he is, just can’t stop or shut up! He is such a weasel that he has now tried taking credit for this amazing auction. When the Dems attack, the Conservatives mobilize; and they not only succeed, but totally confound the enemy! Great job!

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