Jihadi’s on Parade

Iranian Jihadi’s just staged a marching band competition – and we weren’t invited?! (not yet – or perhaps, we don’t need an invitation.. bwaaa ha ha haaaa…)

Iran’s Supreme Cleric and his entourage, reviewing troops on the parade ground, reminds me of some twisted form of Santa Kloun flanked by his little Islamo-elven helper killers..

I like the quasi Nazi-like position of the troops presenting arms..

And, I especially like the swastika emblazoned upon the American flag.

Can you identify the symbolic significance of the forked end of their (phallic-looking) Islamic sword? -which summarily cleaves Israel and America asunder. Is it supposed to be reminiscent of a snake’s tongue, or a circumcisionist’s knife, or something?

Alas, were it not so serious, this Islamo-nazi military “show-of-force” would be so comical.