Shrillary Speaks Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that Hillary Clinton is the odds on favorite to win the Presidency in 2008. To the contrary, the next heir to the Oval Office is the GOP’s to lose. The following is my case.

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Clinton will win the Democrat nomination for POTUS – in effect, she’s already won. How can I be so confident? Because she’s got the one thing that no other Democrat running has – the brand name ‘Clinton’ – and it simply cannot be overcome on the Left. Their base sees this “two-fer” as more than enough to win – and Democrats are desperate to win the Presidency.

Witness the phenomenon of John Forbes Kerry, Vietnam War hero. Remember when he strutted victorious from the Iowa caucus in 2004, whipping out his uneasy, crooked salute? Without knowing hardly anything about him, like dominoes the Democrat rank and file robotically fell into line until he had the party’s nomination quickly wrapped up.

But, as we know, his Presidential bid was ill-fated as Democrat dreams fell prey again to his arch-nemesis, and utterly incompetent George W. Bush. Why did Democrats so blindly put up such a lame contender? Here’s the dirty little secret: It’s because Democrats are not very discerning about their candidate, because just about anyone can be anointed as their Thief-in-Chief. On the Left, where fascistic group-think makes it easy to control their base, all that is needed from the candidate is simply hardcore pandering, grand promises of free goodies, and a reason to jump en masse on the anointed Democrat’s magic carpet ride all the way to those verdant White House grounds. Kerry fit the bill early, and the ‘Anyone-but-Bush’ automatons got in behind him lightning-quick and never let go, despite his sophomoric rival’s ‘Don’t-mess-with-Texas’ campaign.

But, for 2008, this time leftists think they’ve hit the mother lode (so to speak) with Hillary! She’s a hardcore socialist, more idealistic and ever more disciplined than her husband; she’s a part-time feminist, lawyer, hopeful lesbian, super-smart, and is loaded to the gills with Marxist social schemes to wreak revenge on the Right, and to bring home the spoils to her Democrat base of robotic victims who yearn for governmental goodness. The trump card: She’s got the Clintonista political machine fired up and is already soaking up huge bundles of dirty money, is consulting with disgraced apparatchik Samuel “Sandy” Berger, and is poised to crush any reputation or career necessary to pave her way to the Oval Office. Trust me, just watch Team Clintonista bury Barack Hussein Obama, and any other Democrat pretender to the throne, when the time comes.

And, as an added bonus, we’ll get our Great Gray Savior, William Jefferson Clinton, back in the White House this time playing the part of First Lady and performing the ‘laying-of-hands’ duties, especially to young attractive women in need of “counseling”, throughout the hallowed halls.

There’s only one big snag for her, though, en route to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: The Democrat Party’s nomination is a snap, but how in the world does she expect to convince moderates, independents, the politically disengaged, and the right-wing that she’s worthy of the Presidency? The big problem is, she can’t – the only way she triumphs is if we hand her the victory.

Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot win the Presidency outright because:

  • 1) She’s Utterly Unqualified for the Office of POTUS:
  • a. She’s never run a successful business
  • b. She’s never held a real job in her life – unless you count her stint at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock where she bilked her clients with impunity
  • c. She’s never served in the U.S. Military
  • d. She’s never run a successful enterprise unless you count her election to office as the Junior Senator from New York where she reverse carpet-bagged (bought) her way into an ultra-liberal Senate seat in a foreign state
  • e. She’s an unabashed, avowed Socialist nursing Marxist fantasies
  • f. She attempted as First Lady, and failed, to take over and corrupt our nation’s entire healthcare system
  • g. She wants to impose a huge hike of taxes upon the electorate
  • h. She’s vowed to seize the legal profits from law-abiding corporations
  • i. She wants to seize the firearms of law-abiding Citizens
  • j. Her only accomplishment in government is to complete one U.S. Senate term without any notable achievement
  • k. She has no major legislative accomplishments to speak of
  • l. She supported, and misled, at every turn when her husband lied to the American People, committed perjury, suborned perjury of others, groped White House staff, was derelict in his duties as Commander-in-Chief, was disbarred, and was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives
  • m. She was a key agent in covering up his lies and obfuscating his criminal acts, and spear-headed efforts to smear and destroy his accusers, especially those who were victimized by her philandering husband’s serial Abuses of Power
  • n. She will lie to anyone necessary, at the drop of a hat, in order to attain her objectives of ever-greater levels of power over others – alas, she’s just not quite as good at it yet as her husband was

Slick Hillary’s party nomination is practically automatic with likely 45% of the Left lining up with her by default (as we’ve seen in the previous two closely divided elections). Yet, from where is she going to squeeze out that last 5% of the national electorate needed to win when she’s got the highest negative ratings ever from the other side? In the most recent polling, 47% of Americans vow they’ll never, ever vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Answer to how she can win? IF, the American Right falls prey to the incessant drumbeat of media PROPAGANDA – some of it even coming from right-wing media!

Let’s revisit how William Jefferson Clinton was enabled to get his grip on the Holy Grail of politics. Did he ever win a majority of the American electorate when he won the office? NOT. The Right forfeited the victory when Ross Perot ran as a ‘third party’ candidate and siphoned off nearly 20% of the vote, thus cutting George H. W. Bush off at the knees – summarily lobbing the sacred chalice into the sticky hands of Slick Willy. Can you imagine how the Clintonista machine must have howled with laughter behind closed doors as the liberal media incessantly beat the drum in 1992, convincing right-wing “moderate” voters to abandon Papa Bush, and somehow convinced enough of them that this crazed, diminutive Texas businessman, H. Ross Perot, could somehow lead them to the Promised Land? Game over.

Well, they’re trying their best to do it again. How? First, by water-boarding the consumer with the constant media drip-drip-drip that the Left is somehow all unified, disciplined and powerful, in control of Congress, and just waiting for the Clintons’ return to power, re-taking the Left’s pre-ordained, holy Federal triumvirate – while the Right supposedly continues to crumble in a morass of corruption and incompetence – conspicuously evidenced by their fragmentation, and seeming inability to rally around any one Presidential candidate in sufficient numbers. The Right seems to have no obvious ‘Hillary-slayer’ so Her Majesty’s quest is almost a foregone conclusion – right? (i.e. “Hillary wins”)

Or, the seemingly disenfranchised “religious Right” must find salvation by defecting to a Third Party before it succumbs to one of the unholy right-wing pretenders – right? (i.e. “Hillary wins”) Or, masses of demoralized, disgruntled right-wingers refuse on principle to vote for any unworthy, so-called conservative nominee – so they vow to sit it out and not vote at all – right?

Hillary wins! – right? Wrong. Only if we let her win – God forbid – by self-destructing.

But she’s so easy to beat. How so?

  • 1) Because she’s so utterly unqualified to serve in the Office of President of the United States (see above)
  • 2) Every Republican candidate running is better qualified, and is more in tune with most Americans
  • 3) She has the highest portion of the American electorate vowing to never vote for her in electoral history
  • 4) She can easily be publicly eviscerated by using her own lies, distortions, track record, failures, and un-American agenda against her
  • 5) By affirming and pledging to do what most Americans want (and she can’t offer):
  • a. A strong Military and national security
  • b. Sealing the nation’s border, and eliminating the poison of the illegal invasion and its sanctuary – without granting mass amnesty
  • c. Respect for traditional American religious and family values
  • d. Restoration and veneration of Individual Rights and Liberty
  • e. Free markets, low taxation, and minimal government intrusion
  • f. Elimination of government corruption and restoration of our trust

Hillary actually got the National Archives, as of this writing, to seal all of the documents detailing her White House machinations while serving as co-president in the 1990’s. She claimed during her most recent “debate” that she had no part in “their” decision to refuse public examination. Oops, then it was brought to our attention that a letter, signed by none other than William J. Clinton, directed the Archives to seal all her documents until 2012!

Does the country really want to get dragged through the Clinton cesspool again by perpetuating the Bush / Clinton alternating political dynasties? Wasn’t one of the quintessential founding ideals of this country the desire to get away, once and for all, from corrupt political dynasties – aristocracies and oligarchies – rid us of ruling classes? If Slick Willary were to ascend to her throne in 2008, this would mean by the end of the presidential term that we’d have a Bush/Clinton Whitehouse for 24 straight years, or perhaps even 28 years if (God forbid) she were to be reelected. (If we include G. H. W. Bush’ contiguous Vice-Presidential years as part of the dynastic period, that would amount to 32 and 36 years!) I submit these reigns would span the entire political memories of most Americans alive, were they to occur – and this would not be plus for our American political system – not for We The People, that is.

Are the Democrats really unified, while the Republicans are wandering aimlessly?

Not at all – it’s all a façade, and the media wants to keep it looking that way. Even as the vicious Left would have us believe that our sitting President is some cross between a chattering primate and a prominent Nazi leader, as evidenced ostensibly by his depressed public approval ratings, they never seem to trumpet the even lower, abysmal approval ratings of the amazingly feckless and corrupt Congress now run by the Democrats. Although, it can appear as left-wing solidarity, their robotic lockstep approval, and the lining up behind the Clinton machine, is because of the animalistic instinct to not quibble about their share of the bounty, before the water buffalo has been successfully brought down. It’s much easier to divide the spoils later, but just about any predator-nominee will do if it looks like they have a good chance of slaughtering their prey. It’s always easier to tear something down, than it is to build it up.

And, thus, it brings us to the state of the Republican party – they always have a more difficult time building something up – such as creating wealth – than it is for their political adversaries to savage them, tearing it down – seizing the wealth that the industrious have created and re-distributing it to their fellow rank-and-file jackals.

It is pure illusion that liberals have a constructive vision of somehow creating wealth and security through Socialism and Fascism – although their pack mentality of the hunt lends them to solidarity, and gives the appearance of fortitude. It is those people on the Right, who succumb to this strategy themselves, by foolishly attempting to “out-liberal” the liberals, who sow the seeds of their own demise.

Unfortunately, it is the ugly process of ridding the Right of these hyenas, which gives the outward appearance of weakness, and much joy to the Left, but which actually brings on the opposite – renewed strength. And that is what is happening as we speak on the Right. It is true, Conservatives are pensive for many reasons:

  • 1) They have hard work to do, throwing out the scoundrels
  • 2) They know what is at stake: liberty, free markets, sovereignty – and how disastrous another Clinton presidency would be
  • 3) The next President will likely nominate 1 or 2 new Supreme Court Justices and Roe v. Wade may become within reach
  • 4) Ultimately, they must not fail to coalesce around their eminently qualified “Hillary-slayer” candidate – whomever he may turn out to be

Now is not the time to shy away from this hard work – some say our DUTY to our posterity – if we don’t want to leave a legacy of enabling another Clinton victory.

Now, leading up to the Primaries, is the best time to fight for what you believe in, and to fight hard for your Republican candidate of choice – it will ultimately determine who goes head to head against Her Majesty. So, what may appear as fragmentation and hand-wringing on the Right, is in reality the arduous, careful vetting process of our candidates taking place (which the Left thankfully eschews (Gore, Kerry)), ensuring that we find the best nominee possible to pick up the conservative torch again, vanquishing the abominable Bush / Clinton dynasties once and for all, and who will lead us once again onto that old familiar path toward that Shining City on a Hill.

Who shall be the Right’s best nominee? What do YOU think? Convince us.

Make no mistake, the only way we can be defeated, which will hand victory to Hillary Clinton, is to believe the propaganda and fail to rally around our Republican nominee.