Two Muslim gas station owners in Detroit got into a price war which ended in one gunning down the other!


The owner of the BP station went to the owner of the Marathon gas station to interrogate him on why he reduced his prices lower than the BP.  That in and of itself is amazing in a country of free enterprise and free speech.  The conversation became an all out brawl with other BP employees swinging bats at the employees at Marathon.  I guess this is the Muslem way of hashing out disputes!  The argument got out of control and the owner of the  Marathon gas station shot 45 year old, Jawad Bazzi, owner of the BP station.

Welcome to the way Muslims do business in the Middle East, ummm, I mean America, umm, I mean in Michganistan.  Who the hell does this BP owner think he is by going over to the owner of another business to discuss why he lowered his prices?   It’s none of your DAMN business!

If one understands the way life is lived in certain MidEast countries like Egypt or the Gaza Strip this deadly dispute is a picture of that lifestyle and a picture of coming attractions of more Muslim on Muslim violence which is their model of conflict resolution.
Why don’t they just solve their disputes the old fashion American way?  Sue each other!