UPDATE:  This bill died in the Senate–thank goodness, but could be snuck in another bill! Congress needs to define these words and if they do not infringe on our un-a LIEN-able God given natural rights I will support it, otherwise, Hell no!  They also need to stop paying themselves so much of our money as well! That crap’s gotta stop! 

Hat Tip Benee

I just got an email from a friend asking me to sign an online petition against HB 1955/S 1959. I never sign these things until I read the actual legislation. In reading Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007, I’m concerned because they don’t define what a homegrown terrorist is, and furthermore any idiotic and out of control Johnny Sutton PROSECUTOR can basically charge any person a radical who speaks out against any culture, race, or religion! When Law doesn’t define it’s terms then anyone can define the terms according to their own lust for power. Do we really want more thought crime laws on the books? Do we want government “Center for Excellence” determining what is appropriate speech on the blog-o-sphere and talk radio?

As I read the legislation there was more written on the pay scales and blue ribbon panels and retirement funds then actually being concerned about real live homegrown terrorists plotting to blow up a bus, school or mall. I am disgusted with Congress Critters,  and their ploys to spend more of OUR money on their ridiculous waste and build up of their retirement funds while the average family out there is no longer able to make it from payday to payday!

I fear that this piece of legislation is more to line the pockets of these airhead legislators than it is to protect American Civilians from becoming collateral damage!

Sign the online petition saying NO! To S 1959 until they do more work to define what a homegrown terrorist is instead of potentially labeling any person a radical who speaks out against a race, religion and political ideology!