UPDATE:  Now the radical Sudanese Muslim clerics want this poor teacher to be executed for her supposed crime of blasphemy of the moon god allah.  These people are so demoniacally possessed they can not be reasoned so much so the government had to move her to a safer place.


Seventh Century Islam is ridiculous for reasons like the following: A British teacher from Sudan is sentenced to 40 lashes for blasphemy because she allowed her students to name their class teddy bear Mohammad for a class project.

Well, I guess this teacher is experiencing Islamic Diversity up close and personal.

My question is, isn’t this mockery of Mohammad? Shouldn’t she be butchered instead? I guess because of the ever changing Holy Koran (say this with a roll on your tongue) one can’t keep up with the latest trends in personal interpretation of this book.

Who would have thought that these Islamists would be so upset over calling a cute, cuddly little bear Mohammad. They sure have no problem calling people, oopps, I mean, infidels, monkeys, pigs, and dogs.