Hat Tip democrat equals socialist


Well my friends its time for another whack job moment. This may sound irresponsible, but if a granola eating nut came to my home and told my family we had to be indoctrinated with this rubbish, there would be a very bruised up social worker pedaling away.

From Nealz news

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, an environmental government-loving whacko comes along to prove you wrong.

I say this because of a piece I just read by a man named Albert Kaufman. His resume can be summed up in three parts. First, he is an environmental nut … you’ll see why in a minute. Second, he is a government bureaucrat. And finally, he was a coordinator for the Kerry campaign. (But we won’t hold that against him.)

So why does Albert have my boxers in a bunch? Because he wants to require a week-long re-education class that every man, woman and child would be forced to take so that we “can have a chance of continuing life on this planet in the face of global warming.”

He goes on to justify this idea with historical precedence. His examples include the Chinese re-educating the masses or Pol Pot, or Hitler.

So what would his indoctrination class look like?

Day 1 – global warming, what’s it about and that the threat is real. Outline of the week. The various causes of global warming, population growth – what we can do to reduce our numbers – smaller families good, sex education good, easier access to contraception, why we just got rid of abstinence only education in schools and replaced it with medically-accurate comprehensive sex education. Population connection with species loss – pollution, increase in carbon emissions, need for more energy production.

Day 2 – growing our own food and taking good care of ourselves. How to eat as healthily as possible so that our lives go well. Eating organic. Eating more vegetables, and why that’s important. A section on exercise. A section on diet – moving past junk foods, getting off wheat, sugar and dairy, soy – and how changing your diet can lead to having more energy. How making these changes is also going to mean changing how the US Food system works – getting ourselves off of corn – learning how US subsidies of corn, soybeans and wheat have affected what we’re being served. Why buying locally makes sense. Info about transportation costs. How to class on – growing your own food – how and where to plant what fruit trees. This could be a week on its own, obviously. Purchasing lessons, cooking lessons, canning and preserving lessons.

Day 3 – Getting out of consumption mode. What is capitalism? Does it still serve us or does it drive us towards behavior that increases global warming. Alternative ways of living – living with what you need, recycling, REDUCING, the concept of Buy Nothing Day – where it came about. Something on how we are addicted to stuff and how much better would be for ourselves and our planet if we could change that cycle. Freecycle. Learning how to share resources. There will need to be a class or a movement on corporate responsibility – corporate change – I don’t see the country really moving forward to combat global warming without a huge shift in what our largest businesses do/practice. Perhaps there is a special week for CEOs….

Day 4 – how to get places without using a car. This may be forced on us before we know it, but if not, learning how to use the bus, mass transit, MAX, whatever systems to get around. Bicycle riding classes, repair of bicycles. Learning the ins and outs of hitchhiking – taking vacations at home. How to move yourself from one place to another creatively.

Day 5 – Personal Growth/Societal change – how about a class on living abundantly? People skills – how to live and play well with others. How to grow community. Do people who have a strong community need as much stuff, probably not. How to take care of yourself, emotionally. How to build yourself into a strong leader. How to overcome childhood issues, how to have a great romantic relationship, how to heal and how to thrive.

And on the final day he really hits a homerun. The “bonus day” will be devoted to indoctrinating government school teachers with the information so they can pass it on to their good little government subjects. Are you starting to see how these people view government schools? They are nothing more than propaganda machines. They are the most abusive and detrimental institution in this country and whackos like Albert want to use the schools to “save our asses” from the perils of global warming.