rageboys.jpgWell, so much for the Rage Boys of the Sudan standing strong on their love for their religion. British aid to the Sudan was far more important than beating a 54 year old woman half to death over her pupils calling their teddy bear Mohammed.

The President of Sudan pardoned the teacher after British Muslim politicians “pleaded” for her release. Ah, huh! And I’m leader of the free world!

I am sure that secret negotiations with the Sudanese president went something like this:

“No Gillian, No British Aide!” to the tune of 250 million bucks! sudan1_247860a_248510e.jpg

Times Online reported that British Authorities said, “If Ms Gibbons is flogged it would have serious diplomatic consequences for Sudan, affecting its relations with Britain, the European Union and moderate Arab states.”

In the end money talks and bull sh*t walks! I wonder what Mohammed thinks of their decision. Do you think he feels dissed?