Last month the House of Representatives passed a resolution recognizing Ramadan, and expressing respect to American Muslims. Why, they felt the need to waste American tax dollars to do this is beyond me. However, this month the House, rightly so, passed HR 847 recognizing the importance of Christianity, and its impact on this great Nation and Western Civilization.

I found it interesting that Washington state Rep. Jim McDermott, better know as Baghdad Jim, and loser in a recent civil lawsuit against him for eavesdropping a private conversation, voted in favor of recognizing Ramadan, but hypocritically refused to vote in favor of recognizing Christmas. In fact the HR recognizing Ramadan didn’t get a single Nay vote where as the HR recognizing Christmas got nine Nay votes all from far left wing and unhinged whack jobs all paid by tax dollars!

Also, as a side not the looney leftists are wetting themselves over HR 847 screaming that Congress has established a religion by doing so, HUH? Well, that’s how they leap from one invalid conclusion to another!Funny, how they don’t cry about this over Islam.

Can you say anti-Christian bigot?

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