A Libertarian friend of mine has this theory …

Campaign mailings can be an expensive drain on a campaign if the return does not exceed the cost, so why not get on your opposition list with a $1 donation? If you get back more than one follow up solicitation, you are a burden on the campaign Treasury – your $1 to get on a campaign list is costing them possibly 3 to 1, or more, if you get 2 or more follow up solicitations. If you get no follow up they have a properly constructed filter to ignore micro donations.

Imagine the impact if thousands used this strategy!

I think I’ll test this theory with a $1 check to Hillary, Obama, the Democrat National Committee, and Washington State Dem Party (sent mine off, Dec 24, 2007).

If you join my test, let me know your results, say, 3 months after you send your $1 check.

With your $1 check DO NOT indicate your phone or email, so the only contact can be postal mail.

Send your result info to freerangeauthor [at] psychoceramiq (d0t) net
Include this info …

– which campaign did you send $1 ?

– how many follow up solicitations did you get from the campaign? What types – card, multi-page?