It’s Here!  Get The GRID.           Offered Exclusively by No Compromises

Having returned just in time from his research facility, deep underground in an undisclosed location, ThoughtRogue publishes “The Grid” – a compact “snapshot” reference of the political profiles of the 2008 Presidential Candidates.

“The Grid” is an exclusive offering from No Compromises (requires Adobe Acrobat to view it) – Please, Spread the word around the Blogosphere!

The Grid is a fact-based comprehensive reference for comparing where the candidates stand on the pivotal issues facing America, and is chock full of candidates’ background information and their various performance ratings.

No Compromises Values Your Input:  If you would like to share your scintillating suggestions for improvement to The Grid, or in the event you come across an egregious-looking omission or error, please send all feedback and constructive comments to

Please feel free to save it, print it out, and share it with your friends and familythere is no other handy compact reference like this on the Internet to guide us through this often confounding and historically wide-open primary race for the Presidency.


(click on the excerpt below – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view)

2008 Presidential Grid Excerpt