I have to say that Fred Thompson news.jpgcame out swinging tonight and apparently it was Huckabee he was aiming at knowing that the Huckster and him would be competing for that Southern vote! This is what I have been waiting to see from him all along. I hope we see more of this from Thompson and I declare him the winner of tonight’s debate.

2.jpgI do have say that Ron Paul did great too! I especially appreciated Paul’s response about his elect ability. If there is a youtube on this statement you have to see it. Real good, and he hit the nail on the head! Paul stands on what a conservative is–a Taft Conservative. I think he coined a new term–Taft Conservative.

I think if Paul does anything in this election he will shame the Republicans because they have lost their way, they don’t stand on conservative principles anymore. They stand on power principles. That’s a real shame. It’s also a shame that all candidates couldn’t be present tonight. It’s a shame that real debates are shied away from instead of these controlled debates.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say.

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