My second rant is in the comments section! FYI! The Mav had to bus in the McCaianics as the cheer squad to the CPAC convention this morning (The cheers we all heard on the radio/tv)! Did you hear those boos? Those were the ones who paid to attend the convention aka Romney supporters.


Breaking News! Romney suspends his campaign!

That’s a shocker, but I can’t blame him. Please excuse me, I’m so angry right now, I can barely get my words out so here it goes . . . A vote for McCain is a vote for Hillary in my book! I am so disgusted with McCain and the Huckster. The only way the Mavrick was capable of winning this many delgates was by dirty politics, and lies! Wow! However, this is a picture of what kind of President he would make . . . a lying, dirty trickster who “reaches” across the aisle to tax us to death and open the borders for illegals, and terrorists and pass laws to shut you up! Sure, he’s for the protection of this country! His words contradict him, but his actions speak loud and clear! I heard some where that in order to reach across the aisle you have to bend over!

He even brought in the Huckster ( the useful tool) to fulfill his diabolical plan. I am shocked that the Huckster spouts off his so called Christianity and then allows himself to participate in McCain’s tricks to win and defeat his serious competition. If you can’t win on your principles, and ideas then you have no business leading my country in this world! I have to admit that Romney was the only way we would have gotten this economy under control and the border closed. McCain has so much as admitted that we will have more wars and more causalities and he will raise our taxes. So much for conservative principles! He said, “It would be great if we were in Iraq for 100 years!

Well, I will not under any circumstances support this low life ragaholic adulterer for president. If Ron Paul drops out, and does not go Indie I will be supporting Hillary for President! It will be much better for my country if I do so!

What is the difference between the madman and the mad woman? One simple letter! The are both vindictive, angry people who seek to settle scores! McCain doesn’t stand for my conservative principles and as far as I am concerned the Republican party has left me. I am seriously considering dropping out of the Republican party and going indie! They won’t miss me anyway!

Conservatives MUST STAND YOUR GROUND FOR CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES AND NOT VOTE FOR MCCAIN under any circumstances because he has betrayed us before and I guarantee you he will betray us again!

Conservative principles are not strengthened by betrayal, and we need to stay strong and credible because if we cave in on this issue the RINOs will continue doing what they do which is to take over the Republican party. We can’t enable this kind of crap anymore!

copyright No Compromise When it Comes to Being Right! 2008