This started out as a comment to a reader who left his comments under the piece McCain Madness. It became so long I decided to just post it.


Don’t blame the conservatives for what’s happening to the Republican party. The blame fits squarely on the shoulders of the RINOs who expect the Conservatives to abandon our Principles and yield to theirs for Party Unity! We have been guilt tripped long enough and RINOs need to fess up to their responsibility!

We’re done with the RINO party telling us conservatives to, “Go kiss our butts, we don’t need you anymore,” while they are campaigning, and then all of a sudden when we are needed you hear these three words, ” McCain woos conservatives!”

The Republican party has showed their true colors since the Contract with America. We won standing on principles, and BANG once they got power the power trippers showed up, took over and made their plans known that Conservatives with their values weren’t needed any longer!

Since then the R party has been putting up an endless stream of RINOs to run for office, and expecting us conservatives to work to support them! NO, WAY! NO HOW!

Please read my F.U.D. piece. We are tired of being accused of being intolerant, my friend. Of hating clean air, and water, of being bigots and racists because we believe in our American culture and sovereignty.

We are tired of being called “uncompassionate” because we do not subscribe to the Social Gospel of the Messianic state that communists are notorious for creating and RINOs are just as gulity of creating. We are told that our principles are extreme. By whom you ask?

What makes you think that supporting McCain will not destroy this country? Because he has an R behind his name? What makes you think he wont put in liberal judges to the Court or sign the Kyoto or LOST treaty? After all he is a Maverick! Do you have evidence, not his lame ass words, but real evidence that he won’t do these things? I know Ron Paul won’t because he has a track record that backs up his rhetoric. McCain will raise our taxes by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. Because he has said that too many rich people aren’t paying enough taxes! Where have we heard that before?

We have no reason to believe anything he says because he said he would let them expire, then he said he wouldn’t. No, he’s not a flip flopper. He has his foot firmly planted on both sides of the issue.

Hillary lies about pulling the troops out of Iraq like McCain lies when he claims he will keep the Bush tax cuts permanent. They both talk out of both sides of their mouth! The final result with either candidate is that we will have a bigger more intrusive nanny government, our boys will still be in Iraq “I would like to see them in Iraq for 100 years,” states McCain, and our taxes will go up, and we will continue to compete with illegals for our jobs.

In my view, McCain is not that different than Hill because they both have an insatiable lust for power at any price. He may be a hawk, but I’m not sure how you can say you are for the War on Terror, and then vote not once, not twice, but three times to leave the border WIDE freakin’ open for every terrorist and drug runner to waltz right through! Hello, my friend, actions speak louder than words!

Start putting up real conservatives and the authors of this blog and other bloggers will start supporting them. Start getting real conservatives in the Republican party who will stand on principle, and we’ll start supporting them. Get the Republican party to be a conservative party once again and we’ll support it again.

Remember that idiot in Californicate named Arnold who ran against Mclintock?

Guess who the R party supported? That idiot in office now! What has he done for conservative principles in California? Nothing, but he sure has advanced the greener’s plan and the proaborts plan, and he’s advanced the pro-La Raza groups! Yeah, that sounds conservative to me! The Conservatives were guilt tripped into believing that if they didn’t support Arnold they would be responsible for turning California over to the libs.

After eight years with the called ” conservative” GWB who I supported twice, and who does support some conservative principles all you have to ask yourself is:

Is the federal government larger today than it was eight years ago? Did it grow as a percentage of the economy, or did it shrink?

The commenter states that he has two kids coming of age in 4-8 years and do we really want to deal with Hill and her communism? Well, I have one kid who already is of age, and my other kid will come of age in the next two years and she can’t find a job high schoolers are suppose to hold. Why? Because all the illegals have stolen them. Oh, didn’t you hear, they take jobs Americans don’t want!

I am sure she would like to have a job, but this high schooler is finding it ever more difficult to find one. She has to go out further and further from her home to find a high school position. She can’t find a neighborhood job like we used to. Who has been in office for the last eight years? A Republican. How many illegals do we have today vs. eight years ago? And all because of the mantra we hear over and over again compassionate coercion, did I say that? I meant conservative which has betrayed America Citizens.

You’re right, my friend, we have a serious problem, and it’s the Republican party.

The Republican party left me, and the other three blog contributors on this site. The Republican party left other bloggers who I communicate with, so you’re right. We have a serious problem.

If I were you I would get to work convincing the Party leadership to line up with Conservative principles again if they want to win, other wise you’ll have to work to find more RINOs to fill our empty spots! And then the really left party can duke it out with the moderate left party while the conservatives either sit it out or go third party.

I have been working in the Republican party since 1992 and I have been writing on these issues seriously for the last two years, and all I get is my leadership asking me to work for more RINOs which translates to working for bigger gub’ment.

I have told them before and I stand on this point now that as long as the Republican party is into power tripping just to win instead of standing on principle they will lose! The voter isn’t stupid. They can see if one is a whole liberal, or if one is a half a liberal. Why have a half lib when you can have a whole lib?

Bottom line is this: Republicans for Choice, Mainstream Liberal Republicans, Log Cabin Republicans and groups like this have all wanted to take over the R party and they got what they wanted.

What they didn’t want is to see the conservatives bow out of the R. party. Too bad, because that’s what we are doing. We have given our lives, money, our labor , and for what? To have all of these groups take over and hijack the only party that actually stood on principles instead of feelings. This is not the conservatives fault. We didn’t cause the problem thus we can’t fix that problem. Conservatives are always asked to moderate their principles while the lefties are never asked to do that.

Don’t blame the conservatives! We didn’t create this mess! The RINOs did! They should have stayed in the Democratic party and conservatized that party instead of liberalizing the R. party!

If you don’t like that, my friend, please feel free to work your butt off changing it. And if you are a moderate, please feel free to go over to the dark side and brighten it up with your moderate principles. Because it needs more moderation than the R party ever did!

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