TREye1From his buried school-bus, his command outpost deep in über-liberal-controlled territory, ThoughtRogue keeps the Conservative flame alive; a clear, unwavering signal rallies his fellow patriots…

“Uniform – Sierra – Alpha, Do you read?  Uniform – Sierra – Alpha, Do you read…”

What an amazing morass we find ourselves in as the tectonic plates of American politics lurch and split, grinding up what came before and heaving up new, unfamiliar ground.  It seems clear now that the traditional Republican conservative coalition which held the modern party together, since its infancy in the 1970’s, has been fractured, perhaps fatally – glaringly foreshadowed by the emergent nomination of Senator John Sidney McCain III.

But, in this most wide-open primary contest of our lifetime, how did it come to this, when we hoped and dreamed of handing off the torch to the next, worthy heir of the Conservative movement?  With socialism on the march, at a time when our metastasizing federal government becomes inexorably bloated, unconstitutionally corrupt, and loathed by the People, just how in the world did we wind up with the single most liberal, untrustworthy, profane, vindictive, and double-talking candidate running for the Republican nomination?!

The short answer: “Compassionate Conservatism”, or using some straight talk, Compassionate Coercion killed the coalition, and is poised to anoint the Maverick as its standard-bearer.

Compassionate CoercionLet’s get real here, and send the “Double-Talk Express” bus careening off a mountain-road precipice once and for all.  There’s nothing compassionate, nor conservative about “compassionate conservatism” – the famous phrase coined by our current Neo-Con-in-Chief.  These are the code words used by the Neo-conservatives, and their fellow RINOs (R’s In Name Only), to denote and cloak their own Republican edifice of socialism.  But to implement socialist institutions, it of course requires coercion – Big Daddy government coercion.  Remember, Big Daddy is Watching over You!  Hey, what a coincidence: government programs, the national debt, federal intrusion, international interventionism, etc. have all continued to grow unabated under Neo-Con ‘management’!

Can we get a few things straight right here, especially for Republican sycophants who are entranced by Mr. McCain, or R’s who are apt to easily fall prey to their brow-beating to stay onboard, as the bus weaves dangerously toward the left guardrail?  George W. Bush and John S. McCain ARE NOT Conservatives!  I am willing to use the term ‘conservative’ in a general sense for people or issues which are right-of-center ideologically, or “right-wing” – just as things on the Left side of the spectrum, or left-wing, are generally liberal.

But, I’m sick and frickin’ tired of everyone and everything on the Right as being mislabeled as “Conservative”.  Let me explain.  There are no part-time, or somewhat, Conservatives.  Conservatism is a specific ideology, a political philosophy, which Conservatives hold as their guiding set of principles.  Just as human beings are not perfect, so Conservatives are not perfect, but that DOES NOT change the underlying, immutable principles of Conservatism, upon which the movement is built.

Among these principles, Conservatives believe in the sanctity of individual liberty, inalienable Rights under our Constitution, free markets, protecting traditional values, private property rights, freedom from unwarranted government intrusion, freedom to practice the religion of our choice without interference, and the primacy of protecting our culture, our heritage, and our God-given sovereignty from threat of invasion or diminution.

But, George Bush and John McCain both have demonstrated, time and time again their incoherence with these principles – and in McCain’s case, often demonstrating gleeful contempt.  Conservatives don’t vote against tax cuts (and then lie about the reasoning for it), they don’t spearhead the most treasonous amnesty legislation ever to be produced by Congress, they don’t champion the destructive, increase in mandated ‘minimum wages’, support a blatant intrusion on our free-speech rights of McCain-Feingold legislation, and they don’t create more coercion, under the guise of “compassion” to seize the wealth from one Citizen to lavish upon another, in a cynical attempt to buy their vote in the next election.

These frequent derelictions, are far too numerous and egregious to continue misusing the title of Conservative – but they sure are the hallmarks of a Neo-Con.  Neo-conservatives are not Conservatives, they are a phenomenon born of the Left, typically moderate war-hawks, or leftists concerned with security, but still hanging on to their socialist vision, who have moved over to the right of center politically.  And many modern Neo-Cons such as McCain, as their movement has grown over the last several years under Bush, have gravitated toward the Left of the right-wing. 

This migration can easily be seen by John McCain’s record of ratings over the years by the American Conservative Union (ACU).  As Republican sell-outs continuously trumpet McCain’s lifetime ACU rating of 82, the truth is that during his first fourteen years in Congress, he averaged an 87 rating (including his two terms in the House), which isn’t super-conservative, but was pretty good.  In the last ten years’ tenure in the Senate (including Slick’s second term and all of GWB’s administration) he averaged a 75 – the final year’s performance (2006, most recent available) yielded a conservative rating, based on McCain’s actual voting record, of 65!

In fact, McCain has the lowest rating out all the Republicans running for which the ACU had a congressional voting record to judge.  This put him right on the edge of the fourth and fifth quintile (of which there are 5) of Republicans in the U.S. Senate.  (And, just for the record, when people try to convince you of what a brilliant and upstanding character this guy is, after racking up more than 100 demerits every year when he attended the U.S. Naval Academy, the Maverick eventually graduated fifth from the bottom of his class.)

McCain is anything but a Conservative.  He was one of only two Senate Republicans to vote against Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 – and voted again against tax cuts in 2003.  He lies now and says it was because of some grand principled stand because the tax cuts were not tied to spending reductions.  I have yet to find any contemporaneous proof his this motivation, however, it was widely known that McCain held a vicious grudge against George Bush, through most of his first term, merely because the Maverick had driven the “Straight Talk Express” into a ditch on the way to the 2000 Republican nomination.

I could go on and on about McCain’s plethora of conservative transgressions, but I have a few pointed observations and challenges for his ardent supporters:

Compassionate Neo-ConsPresident Bush, on television, endorsed Mr. McCain as the heir to the party throne and asserted that the Maverick is a “True Conservative”.  Now, considering this comes from an unabashed Neo-Con, how believable is it when you need to convince Republicans that McCain is a “True” Conservative??

And, previous to this rock-solid endorsement, is was reported that Mr. Bush made disapproving remarks about Gov. Mitt Romney’s hard-line, (uncompassionate) stance on illegal immigration – such as actually sealing the border and acting like he means it.  What does it mean when the President of the United States finds it necessary to attempt to pump up the heir apparent to his Republican party when he disparages the challenger’s stated position of actually enforcing the immigration laws as the chief executive law-enforcement officer of the land??

When Mr. McCain was asked by Tim Russert on Meet the Press whether he would vote in favor of his Comprehensive Amnesty legislation again, were it to come up, he said “yes” but quickly downplayed it by stating that it would never come up to a vote again.  This may be true, technically, but it still tells us where the Maverick’s heart lies.  A few days later, in answering the same question when interviewed, he refused to answer it yes, or no.  And, he did the same thing at the debate held recently at the Reagan Presidential Library no less.  Why won’t the Maverick simply denounce some of his outright treasonous stances he was spearheading for amnesty??

And while we’re talking about the Reagan Library debate, what exactly did McCain mean when he condescendingly disparaged Romney stating, “I didn’t manage for profit, I led for patriotism.”?  Why didn’t the straight-talking Senator mention that he abandoned his now ex-wife and family, in order to marry a hot, 25 year-old blonde, Cindy, who just happened to be heiress daughter to a beer-distributing magnate in Phoenix – whereto the Maverick moved in immediately with his mistress, tapping into that fortuitous fortune in order to buy his House seat in Congress??

Neo-ReptilianBoth Romney and McCain gave speeches recently at CPAC 2008, where Romney announced at the end that he was suspending his campaign – paving the way for McCain’s impending nomination by the Party for POTUS.  Why is it, again, that McCain didn’t bother to attend CPAC 2007 when he ostensibly desires to lead Conservatives along with the entire Republican Party??  Anyway, what was with the excrement-eating grin he kept sporting as he clumsily read the teleprompter, espousing his maverick credentials, and his purported command of timeless conservative principles??  (the smiles, smirks, and phony enthusiasm, suddenly reminded me of the mug of an aging, albino reptile who had just seized a fresh carcass after dispatching all of his contemptuous, less worthy challengers).

Why, during his CPAC speech, whenever he reached a point where the boos were cutting through the applause of his planted loyal mosh-pit, did his face erupt in glee and his arms stiffly gesticulate the thumbs-up sign (eerily reminiscent of something from Dr. Strangelove) when one could just as easily see that he’d much rather prefer giving us a different single-digit salute??  And why did he begin every sentence with, “My friends, …[insert double-speak].”

At the end of the CPAC 2008 conference, the straw poll results were tallied.  Even though about a quarter of the votes were cast before Romney’s announcement to drop out, Romney still won the vote over McCain by a percentage point!

Usually, in a Republican primary campaign, a candidate will run somewhat to the right, in order to secure the party’s nomination, and then will tack somewhat toward the left in the general election in order to attract a maximum number of voters from the middle.  But, it seems that the Maverick has another strategy.  He ran, and won, the primary by appealing to those in the middle, the Neo-Cons, squishy-cons, lofty pragmatic “moderates”, etc., who in many states voted on the Republican side because of an ‘open’ primary, or they were compelled to cross-over because the Democrat vote was rendered meaningless for determining delegates. 

The Double-talk Express may think this was brilliant ‘strategery’, but how in the world is he then going to win the general election when he’s already thrown Conservatives under the bus??  Get this, to my knowledge, McCain has yet to win a state primary solely among the active base of the Republican Party (excluding all the moderates, liberals, and independents)!

So, how exactly does John McCain gain enough general votes to beat the Democrats in November?  Does the Maverick know something that we Conservatives don’t know, or does he think he has the Presidency in the bag already?? – regardless, it’s clear he thinks he doesn’t need us.

It comes down to this, the Neo-Cons, Bush and McCain chief among them, have sundered the Republican Party.  They have ripped apart and alienated the coalition’s constituent parts.  But do the Neo-Cons and their ilk truly believe they can arrogantly insult and demean Conservatives to get them back on the bus – to be relegated to the back again – to sit down and shut up?!  Simply in order to help stave off the liberal disaster they themselves have created??

Conservatives have had ENOUGH!  It’s not going to work this time – we’re no longer going to be threatened to surrender all that we believe in!  We’re going to sit back and watch leftist Republicans implode until they’ve learned a hard lesson.  Ronald Reagan increased the size of the ‘Big Tent’ by inviting, challenging, motivating people to slip under the left side of the tent and join us.  He gave them time-honored conservative reasons, convincing them to move to the right.  But, John McCain, George Bush and the rest of the lefti-cons are moving the tent to the left in a losing ploy to remain viable (exactly how the WA state R party imploded).  But, how do you win when you’ve planted your stakes right adjacent to the Liberal tent?  Why would the Republican Party expect to win the general election by sheltering more leftists, when anyone who wants more socialism will always go for the real thing by pulling the lever for Obama??

It amazes me how Republican sycophants, who have created this mess, are now trying to brow-beat and insult Conservatives, calling them “cry-babies”, “disloyal”, “irrational, dumb-asses”, and “suicide voters”.  Not only will these insults have the opposite effect on Conservatives, but it showcases the sheer strategic brilliance of leftist Republicans.  As I’ve amply demonstrated above, Conservatives have a plethora of factual, rational reasons for opposing the Double-talk Express – and the insults are merely a sure indication of how the leftists want to stifle any substantive debate because they know just how onerous and indefensible Mr. McCain is as their standard bearer (thus seeking a quick fix by demeaning Conservative back onto the bus).

Precisely because we believe in Conservative principles, there comes a time when Conservatives draw the line.  This is such a time.

Traditionally, Conservatives will compromise a little in order to risk giving up some of the things we want, in hopes of getting most of what we want – recognizing Voltaire’s wisdom, “The perfect is the enemy of the good.”

But each year, as the Lefti-Cons demand more and more concessions of principles from Conservatives, we complain ever more about our having to settle for the “lesser of two evils.”  Conservatives have continued to hold their noses and what have we gotten for it? – the disastrous Bush Dynasty, which has all but destroyed the common understanding of Reaganism.

But no more – We draw the line at having to capitulate in favor of John S. McCain III – the most petulant, dangerous political clown running.  Because, when a candidate is as bad as McCain, a vote for the lesser of two evils really IS still a vote for evil.  And Conservatives, if they truly believe in holding the line, in truly keeping the flame flickering even as they are attacked by Republicans, then they must not get their hands bloodied with the Maverick.

Elephant HuntThey say John McCain famously “reaches across the aisle” in order to “get things done” for the People.  For the People? – or for John McCain?  Name one major instance where McCain has co-opted his Liberal friends in favor of Conservative ideals??  [cue the Jeopardy music… ]

There is something to be said of sitting out this election, and watching Captain Coercion and his loyal shipmates go down with the ship, as the U.S.S. Double-Speak is relentlessly broadsided by the looming dreadnought, the mighty U.S.S. Audacity of Hope.


Keep the flame of Conservatism alive!

The distinct yelping of a pack of search hounds penetrates the damp night air in the Soviet of Washington’s Cascade wilderness – undoubtedly drawn to the scent of ThoughtRogue’s sizzling supper of SPAM and kidney beans simmering over the Bunsen-burner…

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