Boycott Network Solutions! 

How great can they be if their own servers can be hacked into, anyway? 

UPDATE: Jawa Report: “Pushing Back – My Conversation With Network Solutions”

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Geert Wilders, hero             Network Solutions, scardy-cats

Geert Wilders, Dutch politician, hero, anti-multiculturalist, defender of Western Civilization, and outspoken critic of Islam, produced his own highly anticipated 15 minute documentary called “FITNA” on Islam. The mini doc was to be released last night by Network Solutions, but they backed out. They say it’s because they can’t handle the traffic. Un-huh! Sure!

Network Solutions doesn’t seem to have a problem hosting and It seems our planet is being inundated with hypocrites everywhere!Maybe they backed out of their promise to Geert because they’re so afraid of the big bad Rage Boys out there who will do whatever they can to suppress free speech including taking them to court for insulting the cult, or perhaps they fear what happened to Denmark after the cartoons were published will happen to them!

Geez, what were those cartoonists thinking? What are we all thinking? Islam is above criticism, scrutiny, and questioning. Why can’t the West get that through their heads?!
However, it seems those Rage Boys did show up because it looks like Network Solutions got hacked. Here is the message:

It should be fairly obvious by now that there is no “Fitna” movie. No movie to insult Islam or Muslims or anyone else for that matter. The month of April is upon us, we all know the month of April starts with the 1st April and that day is famous for (practical) jokes.

Holland might not be considered as a country with a great sense of humour but ever once in awhile even in Holland they crack a joke. So, bottom line; if you are here to find the Famous Fitna movie I guess you have been had !!!

On the other hand, if you are worried about how much unrest the rumour of a 15 minute movie about Islam can create, maybe it is time to identify and deal with the issues at hand.

When points of view are miles apart, the truth can usually be found near the middle.


Surely this site will soon be hacked again and diverted to some muslim site, by people who deem this site offensive ?!? and getting all worked up instead of actually reading the text on this site.

Happy Easter !!!


I find this interesting since Network Solutions pitches to sell website security!

Wilders promises one way or the other his documentary will be seen, and when it does get released the rest of the world will know because those Rage Boys will be donning their Philistine neckwarmers standing on the Dutch street corners promising Wilders he will get the Theo treatment as they hold their “Butcher Those Who Insult Islam” signs. So much for the peace loving religion of Islam. beheadthosewhoinsultislam.jpg