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I hope you tune in, Thursday, 12 noon, PDT and the call in number is (646) 200-4641.

I have two guests on my show today. My first guest is “Mary” who practiced Islam for nine years when she was married to a Muslim. She spent almost a year in Iran experiencing life under Sharia Law, during the Iran-Iraq War. As a result of her lifestyle she was being forced to renounce her family, friends, and her country! She is currently writing about her experience.

My second guest, “Cassandra” was married to an Arab, and lived among Muslims for several tumultuous years subsequently leading her to pursue research into ideological political Islam, and the growing terrorist threat around the world with the obvious focus on the USA. You can read more at here. She has written two books.

Escape! From An Arab Marriage: Horror Stories of Flight from Abusive Arab/Muslim Husbands

Thirty-Three Secrets Arab Men Never tell American Women