On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel, let us never forget that there are over six billion people on this planet. Only about 13-15 million of that number are Jews. How is it that so few people can be so hated and oh, so,  powerful!?

I stand with Israel and their right to exist!  Happy Birthday,  Israel!

Their neighbors ought to give up the victimhood and lies!  Stop manipulating the news that 15 million Jews have so much power over those who control almost the entire Middle East and sit on trillions of gallons of oil that is used to control the economies of the entire planet.

It’s not Israel’s fault that Muslims refuse to build up their own infrastructure, feed, house and educate their own people, and it certainly isn’t Israel’s fault that Muslims choose to believe a lie!

Give it up,  Muslims! Your complaining is simply farcical!