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At the noon hour

My guests are Allyson Taylor & Christine Brim. Allyson was a co Founder of Standwithus, an educational organization focusing on colleges. She worked for the American Jewish Congress as their Associate Director, and spoke at many events regarding anti Semtism, and Radical Islam on the campus. She has spoken at the British Board of Deputies, in London; The OSCE in Amsterdam, and speaks nation-wide about the issues of Shariah, Radicalization on the campus, and the indoctrination of students by the Muslim Student Association. She is currently working for the Center for Security Policy, and is the blog owner of Shariah Finance Watch. She is the mother of two men, one a student at Vassar College, and one a Sargent in the IDF. She has gone undercover monitoring mosques, conferences, and other events and works closely with many organizations regarding terrorism and indoctrination via the college campus, and now in the financial arenas.

Christine Brim is the Senior Vice President for Policy and Program Management at the Center for Security Policy overseeing various projects particularly in protecting national security from the threat of aggressive jihad and Islamism. Brim was the spokesperson for the Center of Vigilant Freedom whose mission is to protect human rights from being destroyed by shari’ah law and extreme ideologies. She speaks internationally on the Islamization of Western nations and has describe America as a semi-occupied state.

At the 1:00 hour

My guest is Bos Smith who was one of the three men who were kidnapped from a Brooklyn street corner by several Islamists because they were taking pictures of the Masjid At-Taqwa Mosque. This ought be very interesting to hear about, but it’s also very scary to think that people can take you off the street because you, a kafir, are standing in “muslim space.”

I have an exciting line up of nationally known speakers and authors lined up for May and June, so be sure to tune in each Thursday at noon PDT.