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Ezra Levant, publisher of the Western Standard in Alberta, Canada, thought the “wrong thought,” and then printed that “wrong thought” as he made the decision to publish the Mohammad Cartoons. The Mohammad cartoons, which depictMohammed with a bomb in his turban, was published in a Danish newspaper. Radical Muslims in Europe decided to burn down neighborhoods all over Europe as well as murder innocent bystanders. Several months later in Canada, Levant decided he would publish the cartoons to report what the ruckus was all about.

An Islamist decided to have charges of hate crimes brought up against Levant. He is now in a fight for his Free Speech Rights against two fronts, the Islamists and the Alberta Human Rights Commission, an agency claiming to protect the Human Rights of Canadians. I guess they get to define what those Rights are now.

This is a very important interview because the US is now passing Hate Crimes Legislation, and these bills WILL put a chilling effect on Free Speech Rights which is our beloved and cherished Right.