Pakistani born father, if that’s what you want to call him, Chaudhry Rashad,  is charged with murder of his daughter who wanted out of an arranged marriage.  His daughter, Sandela Kanwal, 25, lived with her parents while her husband resided in Chicago.  

Her and her father hadn’t gotten into an argument because she hadn’t seen her husband for so long.  She told him she was unhappy and Rashid would not accept that fact and proceed to strangle her.  I can tell just by looking at Rashid that he doesn’t have remorse, regret and sorrow for what he allegedly did to his daughter, but instead I see rage!  Maybe he has rage because he is arrested for this act. Maybe he is thinking, “If I lived in Pakistan I wouldn’t be sitting in this jail cell!” 

The liberals will call this domestic violence, but this is an islamic domestic violence.  Will he get a lighter sentence because this is a cultural thing–to kill your “out of control” daughter, we live under shari’ah law and that law is supreme!  

Another daughter listed under Honor Murdered!