NC Sez: Geez, I was wondering when free thinking, normal Americans would finally get this!  We’re the only country in the world that religiously practices, and I use that word deliberately, ecowhacko tenants from the ecowhacko bible to save the ENTIRE planet, because for some reason the ecowhackos FEEELL responsible, and all to shoot ourselves in the freakin’ foot!  

DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW! I predict by years end we will be paying seven bucks a gallon for gas.  Does that make ya feel all warm and fuzzy?    Boy, do I hope I’m wring in this.  What will YOU & YOUR FAMILY be giving up to fund these extra costs?  Will you have to get another part time job just to pay for your fuel costs? Oh, and let’s not forget that winter will show up, and how will you pay for those costs?  DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!

IF we do not stand up for our American economy NOW, and tell these religious ecowhacko freaks to go back to the forest where they came from we will be riding back and forth to work on bicycles like the Chinese people used to do years ago!  The question YOU HAVE TO ASK these ecowhackos is this:   How much money are you making on this LIE?  Let’s see:  carbon neutral offsets, books, lightbulbs, electric cars  . . . ! 


By Paul M. Weyrich
July 9, 2008


In a remarkably short time the public has changed from supporters of environmentalism to advocates of drilling for oil and natural gas in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and/or in the ocean. For the first time since the 1970s liberals in both parties have found themselves responding to significant demands for drilling. Their responses are meant to confuse the electorate in order to turn public opinion back to their position on the environment.


Toward that end liberals have come up with two mantras which we hear on every talk show, in every press conference and in every speech addressing the high cost of gasoline. The first mantra is that it will take at least 10, maybe 30 years before we see a drop of oil coming from the ground at the aforementioned sites. The second mantra is that greedy oil companies already have 86 million acres of leases provided by the Federal Government. They only want more leases to satisfy their greed.

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