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by Tracy at No Compromise
July 15, 2008

Barack Hussein Obama has written a sixty-four page dribble, and drool homily on his plan for change in America. I decided to take this plan on, and go through each point of his unending preaching, and show YOU, Voter American, why each point he makes is nothing new, but the same old Marxist agenda found in the Commie Manifesto written in the 19th century by tyrants, Marx & Engels. However, going through each point of this nonsense will only cause a ton of work for me, and be non-interesting reading for you, so I am going to just deal with each section. Suffice it to say, that you can read this sixty-four page of commie plans against this nation, and make your comments at the bottom of this piece.

I will be doing a daily or bi-weekly blog piece with the archives of this compilation found in the pages up at the top of this blog. I’m also creating a widget for anyone who wants to put one on their blogs, so their readers can see the slow disintegration of our beloved Republic.

I am sick to death of hearing these secular religionists of commie doctrines claim they have something new and innovative, when in fact with a little reading we discover they are only dribbling out the same ole crap from the commie freaks of old who were, and are, hell bent on Kontrolling you, your education, your speech, your health, your job, your family, your form of transportation, your associations, where you live, and everything else that you would consider your own business, and self interest!

And you know why, People? Because we have let them! We have believed these lies, we have sunk our hard earned money on these commiemongers, and we have not risen to the occasion of thinking, and acting against their commie lie of a utopian wurkers paradise not found in any commie country to date! And now they have a strong hold on this Kountry. This Kountry, that used to be the beacon for Freedom, and real Hope around the world! Real Hope! Not Kontrol redefined as Hope.

We see countries like China and Russia going towards free enterprise, and lowering their taxes to seeing Americans ALLOWING THEMSELVES to be taxed and regulated out of the world economy and into a Socialist order! We see leaders of countries in the Baltic who are calling this Global Warming crap, LIES! And what do AmeriKans do? We not only believe this DUNG, we spend what little hard money we have left on buying cloth bags to put our groceries in out of guilt and shame that we are harming Mother Earth! As if a cloth bag or curly mercury vapor-filled, lead poisoned light bulb will stop the sun from getting warmer or cooling off! As if human beings have any congtrol over what God has control over! Of course, the BIG bucks are spent for carbon neutral offsets which is the biggest freaKin’ scam since ENRON! Guess who’s getting rich off that scam? al-Gore and his commie running dogs! Again, YOU’RE buying this crap!

Good Grief ! What the HELL are we thinKing??? These morons have redefined language to hide what they’re really doing, and blaming YOU for it! What’s worse is YOU actually believe it!

So here is a section by section discussion on Komrade Obama’s RedPrint Plan for change TO America which you will see the red commie comparison after each section!

And they call the Conservatives the Reds!

Section One: Shine Light on Washington Lobbying

Here’s some Big Bubby plans for you to think about~

Centralize Ethics and Lobbying Information for Voters:This all sounds good on the surface but the sixth plank to the Commie Manifesto is all about centralizing anything and everything. The word centralize requires another layer of bureaucraZy and this is where commies like BHMO get away with making statements like, “Barack’s plan will create jobs!” No, Barack’s plan will create GOVERNMENT JOBS not private sector jobs. By the way, we already have private non-profits out there who have data bases of all of this information. Why else would the Dems lie when they say they care about Kontroling lobbyists?

Require Independent Monitoring of Lobbying Laws and Ethics Rules: Hussein wants to use the POWERS of the President to create an “independent” watchdog agency to oversee congressional ethics violations. Is he trying to shove his morality down other people’s throats? LOL! I had to say that! So here we are, in the middle of WWIII, and he is using his power of the president to create another bureaucratic Big Bubby program, and then he calls it “INDEPENDENT?” Yep, if the American public buys this crap they’re more stupid naive than I thought! Can you put Government and Independent in the same sentence and actually sound like you know what you’re talking about? Can you actually put the phrase “powers of the President” in the same sentence as watchdog agency and not come off looking like a real buffoon?

We already have a mechanism to hold corrupt government officials accountable: It is called the Grand Jury! Being empaneled entirely of non-governmentally employed American Citizens, exclusively for the purpose of hearing charges of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against corrupt government officials. There is also the impeachment process, which could be used after a corrupt official has been indicted by a Grand Jury of ordinary American Citizens. We, the People, MUST DEMAND the USE of these Constitutional mechanisms MORE OFTEN!

Support Campaign Finance Reform: Hussein supports the idea the YOU, Joe Taxpayer, fund campaigns including tv and radio time with tax dollars! Here is a direct quote from his RedPrint Plan for Change in AmeriKa,

Obama supports public financing of campaigns . . . as a way to reduce the influence of moneyed special interests,” and “introduced public financing legislation in the Illinois State Senate, and is the only 2008 candidate to have sponsored . . . Feingold’s (D-WI) tough bill to reform the presidential public financing system.” Interesting huh? Now check this out: “Barack Obama rejected public funding for the fall presidential campaign yesterday, a dramatic blow to 1970s good-government reform that has been overwhelmed by an explosion of private money.” This is a quote from the piece entitled, ‘In a shift, Obama rejects public funding’

Now there he goes again doin’ that changing thang! Is this Leadership, I ask? He doesn’t even support his own Ideas! I ask, how did he “talk” his way out of this reversal of belief “for thee, but not for me” rhetoric? He said the system is broken! And the Obamunists believe it! Do you believe him?

Ever since McCain-Feingold, it has become even harder for anyone to run for President if they do not have multi-millions of $$$$$$ either in their own estate, or else big rich donors. It is now impossible today for Reagan to run the same campaign that he did in 1980, because he simply would not have had enough money to do it. Rather than reducing campaign costs, this legislation that both candidates supported, has exorbitantly increased the cost requirements to run a campaign!

Let me make a prediction here: If Barack Hussein Obama wins I bet you we will see the government Kontrolled Kampaign Finance Reform so you, Joe Taxpayer, will start having to pay that dollar (LOL! Hell, dollar? more like 100 dollars!) on your taxes to fund these never ending public mockeries called campaigns. We won’t have a choice in this matter if Komarde BaracK gets his way and a Komarade Kontrolled Kongress to do this! Does this sound American?

We do have a choice in this matter: Tell Barack Hussein Obama and these freakin’ Kongress Kritters their terms are up! NOW!

Finally, as I promised I will show you how this section of Obama’s RedPrint Plan for Change against Amerika is in lockstep with one or more of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, and the Communist Party Platform.

This section Konforms to Plank #6 regarding the centralization of whatever, means, in this case, the means of paying for a person’s choice to run for office using the hard earned dollars of people who may not want to vote for them, or who don’t even vote, but pay taxes! This centralization requires the government to build a bureaucraZy to force the issue, and to monitor it. I also believe it violates the separation of powers because it is the job of Kongress to create agencies , not the president. It also lines up with Plank #2: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. Forcing taxpayers to pay for stoopid crap like Kampaign Finance Reform WILL increase your taxes and DECREASE your family income, no matter how you cut it, no matter what you call it! Click here to see the Commies Party USA (oxyMORAN on those two words in that same phrase, if you ask me) on campaign finance reform and other electoral issues.

Let me end this piece by quoting Thomas Jefferson who understood corruption and tyranny:

“[T]he rational and peacable instrument of reform, the suffrage of the people.” Need I say more?



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