Part III

There are many aspects of government. The one least considered is what may be called the biological aspect, in which government is like an organism with such an instinct for growth and self-expression that if let alone it is bound to destroy human freedom. ~Garet Garrett, 1932

If Barack Hussein Obama, the most progressive US Senator,  were to win the presidency, Americans would see an expansion of government like they have never witnessed before in American history.  

Progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt, being true to the tenants of Communism, was the most prominent president, to ignore the boundaries of the Constitution by expanding the powers of the presidency,  and bringing to the forefront many anti-Constitutional aspects of the Communist Manifesto to America.  He was able to make such great leaps for Communism because of the government manufactured Great Depression just prior to his election.  Another word you could exchange for Communism is Welfarism, “Big Government is here to take care of you.”  People who were hungry, out of work,  and scared their children were going to die, were open to anything that would ease the hunger in their bellies, even if it meant letting go of their freedoms.  

A communist isn’t going to communicate to the American voter that he is going to expand government, in hopes of ushering in the Utopian Wurker’s Paradise, so a thorough examination of Obama’s blue print plan for changing our Constitution is a must read.  As I have said before, I will only hit the high points in this section so as to not bore you or me in this endeavor.  

The reader must decide that they will accept reality as they review his plans,  and properly categorize his proposals.  The reader will either ignore his ideas as non-relevant in the hopes of maintaining the status quo; or they will reject what they see in his expansionistic plan,  and stand up for this Constitutional Republic.  Obama’s audacity for change,  takes America further  toward a communistic end.  

We are at a time of war,  not just fighting against Islamonazism, but also Communism. Since the mid 19th century Marxism has been diligently pushing towards burying our Constitution, it’s boundaries on government, and the freedom for humanity it protects.  

How can we say that our country is that beacon of light announcing freedom for all who are thirsting for freedom,  while at the same time be indifferent towards those who are aggressively pushing for a form of government that allows more freedom of expansion of itself at the expense of those who gave this government its power in the first place?  

Americans: Do you know how much true Liberty you have already lost, the kind of Liberty our Founders died for?  If YOU do not wake up to this aggression,  your children WILL live under the strong arm of Marxism.  It’s not too late to get educated to the expansion of government over your lives,  and take back what is rightfully yours!  

Obama’s Redprint plan to destroy our Constitutional form of government, takes a one – two punch at “reforming” business, by regulating it further with mandates towards worker freedom for “family leave” and to unionize.  Why doesn’t Obama blather on for 64 pages discussing how to reform the government rather than further meddling into private institutions, and reforming what’s constitutionally proper? 

Starting with labor unions, which are discussed in detail in the Communist Manifesto, called “industrial armies” Obama brags about co-sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act (S1041/HR 800).  This is commie code for forcing the union issue down employers throats via legislation.  

This Act would amend the National Labor Relations Act establishing “an efficient system to enable employees to form, join, or assist labor organizations, to provide for mandatory injunctions for unfair labor practices during organizing efforts, and for other purposes,” which could mean anything these days.  

If you are a businessman, even of a small business,  you could find yourself in court with an injunction for anything that you do to stop a union from being formed in your company.   How many businesses will this Act kill?  Business today is inundated with unfair regulation, and a heavy tax load,  and it’s not getting any better for them.  It is businessmen,  and women who put up the capital,  and risk to start a business, employ people, and create services or products that benefit lives.  Government does none of these things,  and Obama talks of business as if it is the enemy out to exploit the American worker! 

Union membership has declined 35% in the last 25 years states, Brian Smith in his piece History of Labor Unions.

This drop in membership is due to the increase in tech jobs, and the decrease of manufacturing jobs  (due to unfair regulations) leaves union bosses in a tizzy as to how best to stay employed creating division amongst employer and employee.   

Realize that the biggest unions, teachers and police,  are those people who are employed by tax dollars,  and legally aren’t allowed to strike against the tax payer, however, get away with this illegal practice year after year.  

Obama promises to protect striking workers, by banning a law that allows employers to replace striking workers, and raise the minimum wage!  

This section of Obama’s RedPrint Plan to further destroy our Constitutional Republic uses planks #2 and #8 of the Communist Manifesto.  

The next plan Obama spends alot of time discussing is taxes.  He states he will cut income taxes by $1000. for “working families” to offset the payroll taxes they pay.  Interesting how he puts it.  Why not just keep the Bush tax cuts, Obama?  Under the Bush tax cuts the average working family received a $1600. deduction in their taxes, so if truth be told,  Obama will raise taxes on the average working family!  

Bush stated, “ . . . a fair tax cut does not pick winners and losers. Everyone who pays income taxes should receive a tax cut.”  Under the Bush plan employees who make between $26,000 to $38,000. received a 100% reduction in their income taxes.  Families who made $38,000- $47,000.  received a 100% down to a 50% reduction in taxes.  So what is Obama talking about?  Low income employees are already paying no taxes.  Did Obama vote to end the Bush tax cuts?  YES!

Obama’s base line reference is from the vantage point of the pre-Bush tax cuts not the post-Bush tax cuts.  This is just blatantly lying to the American voter.  Obama is changing things, but is it change you can believe in? It is best if he leaves this one alone,  and even better if he supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent! 

A side note:  the Bush tax cuts eliminate the death tax in the year 2010.  Obama conveniently leaves this issue out of the discussion of this crushing burden and progressive tax on the American family business.  By the way, corporations do not suffer from this problem.  The death tax is plank #3 of the Manifesto.  

Finally,  I would encourage you to read Obama’s plan to control every aspect of American life through heavy taxes, unfair regulations, centralizing communication systems, strengthening labor unions,  and weakening employers.  Freedom and control are oxymorons,  and this is never so evident than in this plan.  

This section of the Obamunist’s RedPrint plan to destroy our Republic complies with the following 10 planks to the Communist Manifesto:  Plank # 2, Plank #5, Plank #6, Plank #7, Plank #10.