There is a grassroots movement afoot to get Rep. Eric Cantor (VA), into the VP spot. How is putting a pro-life representative in the Veep position going to help McCain?  It will get him the conservative votes he lacks now BUT the question that isn’t being asked is:  How will putting Cantor in the Veep position help Conservatives, our values and America?

McCain’s campaign is in trouble because of McCain. Recall that in the beginning of McCain’s campaign he blew off two groups of Republicans: the Conservatives,  and the Christians.   McCain assumed that he could replace those Christian and Conservative votes by taking enough Hillary votes away from the dems because of his centrist stance that he was a shoo-in. What he didn’t count on was the phenomenon known as the Obamessiah! 

He needs the votes from true conservatives,  and Christians to make a dent in this Obamafest, and now he has to run around figuring out how to make this work for him.  I have a solid idea, but more on that later.  

My observation is this:  This grassroots movement to get a true conservative into the veep position may backfire politically.  Cantor does a great job where he is right now.  I am concerned that taking him out of his position with a 100% approval rating from the American Conservative Union and putting this great guy into the VP spot where he does virtually nothing is not such a great plan.

The bottom line is McCain is his own worst enemy.  His supporters claim he will be tough on terrorists,  but he can’t confront Obama and Pelsoi, the wicked witch from the West.  How can you say out of one side of your mouth you will fight terrorism,  and leave the borders open? McCain claims to want lower taxes.  Really?  How do you explain his comments on wanting to raise our taxes to deal with global warming, the biggest scam in this century so far?  What about his position on cap and trade (scroll down in conversation). Don’t forget this, this and this either!

Realize that if Fred Thompson was running right now most of the current McCain supporters would be laughing their butts off at the thought of a McCain candidacy for president!   So I think the real issue here is not so much being concerned for what’s best for America, but getting someone in the top spot who has an R after his name!  

This voter is not so sure that putting a statesman such as Eric Cantor in the VP spot is such a great idea.   I see how it will benefit McCain; I just don’t see how this will benefit conservatives, conservative values, or America.  

The only reason taking Cantor out of his current position,  and putting him in the VP spot would be advantageous would be if McCain kicked the bucket,  or had a stroke during one of his legendary rageathons!  We can’t reliably depend upon those eventualities occurring since he has long life span in his genealogy! 

 McCain had no problem dissing the Conservatives and Christians.  Why is that?  Shouldn’t he be dissing his opponents instead of those in his own party?  Why doesn’t he vehemently go after Obama’s Marxist plans for America? Obama has provided alot of fodder for that, it’s not hard to pick any one issue. Just close your eyes and pick!

I see this as a cynical ploy by the RINOs to get the conservative’s votes.  Some serious questions about McCain’s so called centrist viewpoints have not been answered,  and this movement will not solve those problems. 

Look, this is the deal:  Americans want a clear black and white choice.  RINOs want you to believe that America is centrist in their thinking. No they aren’t!  They want what’s best for their families,  and their future and they don’t want the gub’ment breathing down their necks every freakin’ time they turn around.  McCain has done a terrible job at communicating that fact.  

I am sick to death of hearing the F.U.D. argument coming from the RINOs. If McCain looses this election it will be because of McCain NOT because of Conservatives who didn’t vote for him,  and his liberal viewpoints.  It’s time the RINOs to go over to the Democratic party,  and bring them more to the center instead of always expecting us Conservatives to move left!  I’m not moving anymore to the left, and I won’t be blamed for McCain loosing.  If he looses,  the blame rest solely on his bent over back caused from leaning to the left! 


A new term coined “Mainstreet Media” aka Blog Talk Radio in this case, but does include blogs, is breaking a news story as we speak that Rep. Eric Cantor is being vetted for McCain’s VP.  And us conservatives know that McCain needs all the help he can get!  I hear from many conservatives, me included,  that for the first time in our voting life we have no one to vote for. It’s been maddening, and at times, quite hopeless.  McCain, in this blogger’s view is not a choice for me.  However, could Cantor change that dilemma?  Will this bring the Conservatives to the polls? To read more about the petition go here

Let me know what you think of this?  Will this change your mind and cause you to vote for McCain and why?  How will Cantor’s role help McCain’s Liberal stance?

Why Eric

A small group of friends from Richmond, VA, New York and Washington recently began an online dialogue to decide who among the many names being discussed as John McCain’s running mate would be the best. Who would make the best vice presidential candidate for the Republican ticket this fall?

After some time, they realized that the best name was not one of the traditional candidates already being touted by the national news media. While acknowledging that they would be supporting a dark horse, the group was unanimous in their belief that by far, Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor would be the best candidate that John McCain could choose as his vice presidential running mate. This website represents the grassroots effort to share this belief with the country.

If voters think about the “checklist” of critical points that John McCain and the Republican party really need in a vice presidential choice this year, several of the names previously bandied about check a few, but not all of the boxes. Eric Cantor checks them all.

Why do thousands of Americans think Eric Cantor is the best person whom John McCain should choose as his running mate?

  • Conservative
  • From a key battleground state
  • Young
  • A great communicator
  • Trusted by true conservative voters
  • Strongly Pro-Israel
  • Respected by independent and moderate voters
  • A proven tax cutter
  • A small business owner
  • Has always opposed wasteful congressional earmarks
  • A leader in the US House of Representatives
  • A 20-year record of fighting to control the size of government
  • Southern
  • A proven fundraiser
  • A different kind of choice for a truly different leader like John McCain
  • A reformer
  • Ready to help lead the nation

Eric is a true conservative, known and trusted by the nation’s most preeminent conservative leaders. He has a voting record that real conservatives expect. Eric’s lifetime vote ratings from the nation’s leading conservative organizations – the one’s conservative voters trust – are at or near 100% (see details here).

Congressman Cantor is a southerner who knows how to speak to southern voters. He represents the city of Richmond in the critical state of Virginia, a solidly red state that has recently turned purple. Virginia hasn’t voted for a Democrat for president in over 40 years, but is at risk of doing so this year. Since 2001, after years of Republican leadership, the governorship, several statewide offices, a U.S. Senate seat and the legislature has slipped into Democratic hands. Virginia’s other U.S. Senate seat is open this year, and popular former governor Mark Warner is a heavy favorite this year, likely to turn out droves of Democratic voters in liberal northern Virginia. John McCain cannot win the presidency without winning Virginia. Having Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor on the ticket helps offset that concern.

Rep. Cantor is experienced. Having served nearly of 20 years is the U.S. Congress and Virginia’s state legislator. As Chief Deputy Whip for the U.S. House’s Republicans, he is one of the party’s highest ranking leaders, yet he is only 45-years-old. He is a young, articulate leader, who is one of the Republican Party’s most effective communicators. He appears frequently on national television to advocate for conservative policies, but does so in that rare way that makes moderate and independent voters comfortable. John McCain could not find someone more ready than Eric Cantor to help lead this nation.

Eric Cantor is also one of the strongest voices in the U.S. Congress on national defense and homeland security. The only Jewish Republican member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Cantor is staunchly pro-Israel. As someone who has always been a strong supporter of Israel, Cantor has been working against the forces of radical Islam most of his adult life. Cantor is Chairman of the House Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Taskforce. John McCain is an American hero and no one has better national security credentials. McCain needs a #2 who shares his commitment to victory in Iraq, to a well-funded military and to a strong national defense.

Congressman Cantor is a well-known and deeply respected leader among Jewish voters. Having him on the ticket will help move voters to the Republican ticket in the key swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin and possibly even New Jersey, all of which have large Jewish populations. He is also an unparalleled fund raiser, which will be critical to the McCain campaign’s success.

Eric is a lifelong Richmond, Virginia resident, and his wife Diana until recently ran the state’s 529 program that helps Virginia families save for their children’s college education. They have three children.

Conservative – and even mainstream – media are more frequently suggesting that Eric Cantor would make a strong choice for McCain’s VP. Read the articles for yourself. We’re convinced. We think you will agree.