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My first guest is Alec Rawls who is the point man on the Flight 93 Memorial in PA. Rawls has some updates the public needs to hear.

My second guest is Professor Dean Gotcher. He will be discussing the Hegelian Dialectical Process vs the Didactic Process of proper thinking. Today we see political correctness, moral equivalence and multiculturalism in the media, education, government and even in our Chruches today! This negative thinking is rooted in postmodernism which comes from the Hegelian system of thinking. This show will be so important for you in the struggle with the very Marxism that is destroying this Country.

I hope you can tune in and listen and perhaps even call in. If you can’t listen at noon simply click the download button after the show. When you click on the various download buttons for later listening it helps me to get the necessary 500 downloads I need for each show!