NC Sez:  For a country that prides itself because of its religious freedom,  and equal treatment of law under our Constitution why do we then turn around,  and not expect equal treatment from Muslims countries that claim they are controlled by peace?

The reason why is because of appeasement, multiculturalism aka anticulturalism,  and political correctness.  Apparently, the tenets of our American culture are now not as important as appeasement!  Where does this leave the shining city on the hill?  In the trash can of history!  Oh, our Founders would just love what we have done to the Nation they gave everything up to create!  

Freedom has to be number one above moral equivalence, political correctness, appeasement and anti-culturalism!  Otherwise, America is no longer that beacon of freedom calling all other freedom loving people.

It’s just another landmass on the globe!  We are no longer set apart when we decide to act like them!  

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