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My guest today is Cliff Kincaid, who serves as editor of the Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report.
A veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, and came to Washington through a national journalism program headed by conservative author and journalist M. Stanton Evans. At his college newspaper, Cliff won an award for editorial writing from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Kincaid broke the story regarding the mysterious “Frank” mentioned in Barak Obama’s book Dreams of My Father.

In Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father, he’s only ‘Frank,’ a close friend and mentor to Obama during his high school years in Hawaii, in the late 1970s. Understandably, the Senator keeps the identity to a first name only, as Frank Marshall Davis was a known member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), an organization that reported directly to the Soviet Union at the time. Why the cover-up? That’s why Kincaid wants the get the truth out. ‘Our media have given Obama a free pass,’ he says.

Also, I am on my way to Denver as you are reading this post to protest the Democratic convention, and the illegal alien invasion of our Country at the Right March Protest scheduled for August 25th! I will be blogging from there, and perhaps I will be doing live radio from this event, so hit that Set Reminder button on my No Compromise Radio web site, so you don’t miss a thing!