I’m so annoyed every time I hear the Marxists preaching at Americans to reduce, reuse, recycle, which is a message coming from the biggest spinmeister hypocrites that walk America.  It’s not that the idea of reducing, reusing and recycling in and of itself is an annoying message, it’s those ideologues who cram it down our throats that are annoying and boring! 

After the Democratic National Convention the preachers of a greener tomorrow were busted throwing away 84 garbage bags worth of BRAND NEW and UNUSED American Flags.  Thank God the Boy Scouts of America, another much hated American institution by the Marxists,  rescued these flags to be used at the RNC.  

It’s so like the Marxists to tell Americans what to do when they refuse to live it out themselves! Ya know, the, “We know better than you” crowd?  

All I have to say to them is:  Take your canvas bags and shove ’em up your butts!  I’m using plastic bags for my groceries, and my garbage,  and all that demoncrap election garbage I get in the mail!!