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NC Sez:  What do these cabbies think would happen?   When one purchases a license to work in transportation you serve the public.  If you don’t want to be around dogs,  and alcohol isolate yourself in different job!  

by Robert at Jihad Watch

Islamic law forbids Muslims to consume alcohol, and Muhammad cursed those who carry it as well. But up until this controversy in Minnesota — set off by the Muslim Brotherhood, the engine of the stealth jihad — Muslims did not attempt to impose this law upon non-Muslims in America.

Another (temporary?) setback for the stealth jihad: “Muslim cabbies in Minn. lose round in court,” from Associated Press, September 9 (thanks to Nan):

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Muslim cabbies whose religious beliefs go against driving passengers who carry alcohol have lost another round in court.The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday against the cabbies’ attempt to block penalties for refusing service.

An ordinance adopted by the Metropolitan Airports Commission last year revokes a cabbie’s license for 30 days for refusing a fare at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. A second refusal brings a two-year revocation….