Click here to listen to Drill here Drill now

I am so sick and tired of the BULL-SHI-VICK ramblings from the Left that we can’t drill, and “if we do drill it will take a zillion years to get a drop of oil out of the ground,  so it isn’t worth it.” It’s all LIES and Americans need to stand up, NOW! Well, here’s a patriot song we can sing as we march on Big Gub’ment demanding they DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW!  Tell BIG GUB’MENT to stop pandering to the BIG ECOWHACKOS through their BIG LEGAL Corporations used by the BIG MEDIA to stop with their BIG ASS LIES!  

Call and write today!  



Uber rich, she can afford $10.00 a gallon gas if she did drive–Speaker of the House Nancy, the Hypocrite,  Pelosi