UPDATE II: S.2191–Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2007–More bullcrap to line the pockets of every thief bilking the American people on this lie!

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America is facing an energy crisis NOT because America doesn’t have the where with all to fix the problems she faces with the brilliant people she has, but because America is controlled by those who want to see America crash and burn from its “stand for freedom”, and super power status! America has an energy crisis because for thirty long plus years we have been propagandized by the Marxists that America is not worth saving! That is as simple as it can be put!

Big Politicians in Big Government with the help of Big Media hate America. Why? Is it because without creating the picture that America is evil they would have no job? Yes, I think that’s exactly how this game works! It’s about money plain, and simple. Oh, and power! These hate-America-firsters are corrupt to the core, and it’s all about Big money and Big power!

In an op-ed piece in the LA Times, Robert Kennedy Jr., son of Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy, oh, and don’t you forget it because Robby baby won’t let us, takes us down his memory lane describing his childhood where Eskimos built igloos in his backyard during their snowy winters, and his uncle, President Kennedy “stood erect” has he “rode a toboggan in his top coat, never faltering until he slid into the boxwood at the bottom of the hill.” Stood erect on a toboggan? I was unaware that one stands on a toboggan to sled down hills! Especially those with severe back problems like Kennedy had back then!

Compare those lovely times with today, where junior had to rush his kids out of the waters of Hyannis, Mass. because an August torrential rain storm supposedly caused by the dreaded CO2 poison, obviously coming out of the boat they were driving, was pouring down on top of their play, and the appearance of water spouts and lightening bolts were going to murder them! Oh my gosh! A rain storm with lightening in August? Who would have thought that would ever happen in the summer in muggy Massachusetts? RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

After reading his scary account of almost being killed by those evil bolts of energy, he quickly blames Exxon Mobil and “its carbon cronies” for seeing to it that Americans understand that global warming is a lie! Wow, that’s a transition, I have to say. Exxon Mobil is to blame for the lightening storm that happened while you and your kids were water skiing, Robert? Ah-huh, and I have an idea to sell ya: Do some actual work for living, buddy!

Exxon Mobil is no more to blame for global warming than Robert Kennedy Jr., is to blame for the sun having no spots it during the month of August, and the current cooling of the northern hemisphere! Kennedy stated that back in 1998 Exxon, “plotted to deceive American citizens about climate science. Their goal, according to a meeting memo, was to orchestrate information so that ‘recognition of uncertainties become part of the conventional wisdom’ and that ‘those promoting the Kyoto treaty … appear to be out of touch with reality.'”

Robert, honey, you ARE out of touch with reality, but more importantly, you are a hypocrite who truly believes you have a right to lecture the “peons” in this country! Don’t you understand that most of us live in reality, Robert. We don’t have Eskimos building igloos in our backyards. We build them ourselves because we actually know how to do the work! We need oil, Robert, to put into our cars to get back and forth to work and no, Robert, sweetie, driving our cars does not cause global warming! The American people possess this resource of oil under THEIR soil which you commie freaks try to tell us we can’t drill and produce for ourselves! Hmm, Interesting.

We don’t have private jets and limos taking us to our jobs that were given to us because we have Kennedy for a last name! And we certainly don’t have to buy our way out of our guilt like you uber rich power crazed liars do with your carbon credits and bullpucky! Let’s examine what a carbon credit really is shall we?

Carbon credits is a trading scheme. You see, global warming is way to make a buck off of guilt-laden people and those evil corporations who actually believe that if they off set their carbon use by purchasing credits from a carbon developing company then mother earth will forgive their sin and let them live in a climate fit for humans. It’s a scheme, a subterfuge, a money making hoax, and guess who will benefit from another mass transfer of wealth? China and India.

“India and China are likely to emerge as the biggest sellers [of carbon credits] and Europe is going to be the biggest buyers of carbon credits, stated Joseph Massey, Deputy Managing Director, MCX, Multi-Commodity Exchange of India.

This is a way to make money off the duped! They want to guilt trip you, and you will buy these stupid carbon offsets, and they get richer off of your hard labor! All they have to do is sit back and sell. China, one of the biggest polluters on planet earth, has offset its pollution by purchasing so many credits that when America finally buys the whole bull crap of its evil ways, we will go to China and purchase their left over credits. And, again it will be a huge transfer of our wealth to them! Will their pollution problems be dealt with? Hell no! Why? Because they will be the super power and who’s gonna demand that they clean up their act? No one will! As long as people like al-Gore and Junior are paid off then the games continue.

See how this plays into the Hate & Blame America Firsters plan? Get us on the guilt mobile, and we will be going in circles for 100 years!

Bottom line is this: Don’t buy into it! America is the richest nation on earth, and these corrupt people do not care one iota about the principles we hold dear: freedom, life, and liberty. They hold two things close to their blackened hearts and that is money and power and they will do whatever it takes to not work for it, but take it from you! The oil companies are no more to blame for global warming than Robert Kennedy is to the death of this father! He should be ashamed of his unadulterated ways of lying and scheming off hard working Americans who will never know what it’s like to be in positions of power and control! Americans who, for the most part, will never have Eskimos building igloos in their backyards.

It IS a “them” against “us” war! Real Americans must fight for our livelihoods if we are going to put these robber barons back into the past where they belong!

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