As most of my readers are aware of, my wonderful and informative No Compromise Radio show was deleted from Blog Talk Radio site perpetrated by the Obots. I was graciously offered a place behind a microphone at Plains Radio Network.

Tonight, I will be co-hosting and co-interviewing Steven Marquis who is the Washington state citizen who filed a lawsuit against Obama for violating the Constitutional requirements for the Office of President. His lawsuit is one of four lawsuits pending against Barak Hussein Obama’s natural born US citizenship.

The show will air live at 6 pm PDT, 8 pm Central and 9 pm EST. If you care to, you can log into my Chatters4Freedom, No Compromise chat room, which is linked here. Just hit the connect button. If you have any problems you can set yourself up an account which is preferable! That way you have an ID that we can all see.

I hope you will join in the conversation!