by Jefferson Paine

For all of John McCain’s faults, before we coronate the most fraudulent, contrived candidate of all time, Barack Hussein Obama, let’s keep in mind just what we’ll get with him as President.  The reputable polls among LIKELY voters continue to narrow to within the MARGIN of ERROR.  Despite the leftist media’s constant propaganda to give in, that Obama has it won already, THERE STILL IS TIME – twelve days left to drive home how disastrous would be an Obama presidency – right on the eve of a financial depression which he vows at every turn to exacerbate through his extreme Left policies.

Finally, the great American giant is stirring; let’s use these last two weeks to incessantly remind ourselves of the following facts:

  • He’s going to raise your taxes big-time: repeal Bush tax-cuts, raise capital gains, corporate taxes, etc.
  • He’s going to spend like a drunken sailor – blowing the debt level right out of sight
  • He’s going to sit in, acting as our Commander-In-Chief, surrender in the war against Islamo-fascism
  • He’s going to rule over an undivided liberal government, unchecked by any other political force
  • He’s going to appoint at least one, and probably two hardcore leftist Supreme Court Justices
  • He’s going to force Socialized Medicine upon the populace through Robbin’ Hood economics
  • He’s going to push for the most extreme hardcore abortion policies possible
  • He’s going to outlaw as many firearms as possible, infringe upon as many gun Rights as possible
  • He’s going to do his best to destroy the age-old traditions of Marriage between man and woman
  • He’s going to grant Amnesty to tens of Millions of Illegal Alien invaders, reward them with your wealth
  • He’s going to block domestic oil drilling, block nuclear power, block fuel from coal; push corn ethanol
  • He’s going to keep up the leftist ideal of lying, cheating, and stealing – all for your own supposed ‘welfare’

Also, remember these facts about the phony, elusive, candidate Obama:

  1. He has absolutely no foreign policy experience; public relations junkets notwithstanding
  2. He has zero military experience; neither serving nor commanding
  3. He has never run a successful business; he has hardly ever held a real job in private business in his life
  4. He has never proven that he became a naturalized U.S. Citizen after his immigration from Indonesia
  5. He has never revealed his medical records, his tax records, or his school records and thesis
  6. He is rated as the most liberal Senator in the U.S. Senate based on his actual voting record
  7. His voting record, including his stint in the Illinois senate, is the most radical leftist of any nominee ever for POTUS
  8. He has very disturbing associations and allegiances with anti-American radicals and criminals throughout his life
  9. His entire voting record and thin experience consists of radical Marxist causes, and community racial agitation
  10. He has a very poor record of ever fostering reconciliation between groups, or ever confronting corruption
  11. Occasionally, he drops his mask of moderation, revealing his deep-seated contempt for traditional American values
  12. Frequently, he attempts to inject claims of racism, where none exists, against his political enemies

There still is time.  Keep spreading the word.  The polling gap is now minuscule despite the liberal media’s propaganda.


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