NC Sez: This article was printed in Feb. ’08.  I think it’s an important reminder of what it looks like when people replace God for a mere man! Also please read the various Saul Alinsky quotes.

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

“Wherever politics tries to be redemptive, it is promising too much.  Where it wishes to do the work of God, it becomes not divine, but demonic.”   Pope Benedict XVI
A messianic fever grips a segment of the American populace and media.  A great leader seems to them poised to redeem our collective sins and change nearly everything, bringing about a new era in which permanent solutions are found to age-old conditions.

Whenever I watch Barack Obama, listen to his eloquent but nonspecific oratory, and see the near-swooning young people who invariably follow him wherever he goes, I cannot help but think of the pied piper and wonder toward what destination he is marching our youth.

Obama is having this pied-piper effect not only on kids, but also on a large swath of  Democrat and not a few independents and Republican voters, too.

Call me skeptical, but this whole Obama phenomenon seems downright eerie.

Over and over again, Obama invokes his double mantra:“It’s time for change!” and“Yes, we can!”

Singer’s (Yes, that’s right; it’s Wil I Am.) YouTube “Yes, we can!”video has already had over 2 million hits, and it has a hypnotic quality reminiscent of eastern religious meditations.  I urge every American still capable of thinking for himself to take a serious look at this video.

Then, consider these numbers on  recent Google searches using only Obama’s name plus one other word:

  • Obama + messianic  75,200
  • Obama + savior  226,000
  • Obama + prophet  312,000
  • Obama + Christ 504,000
  • Obama + change 4,540,000

A number of internet postings indicate that a great many see Obama in not only political terms, but also wrapped in the untarnished cloak of some vague spiritual-awakening.

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