by Paul Revere

A man named Norman Thomas was a candidate for president in 1927. He ran six times, actually, under the socialist party. He said the American people will never vote for socialism, but under the name of “liberalism” the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.

 We are there. If you need a quick flashback to Economics 101, you’ll remember that socialism kills a country because: a) it thwarts the will to excel, b) it encourages mediocrity, and c) it creates an ever-increasing dependent class of people, which the government eventually cannot pay for, and then it implodes on itself, just like the former Soviet Union.

 We have lots of the fragments of liberalism, smoothly conveyed and attractively packaged in the person of Barack Obama. You know: the “most liberal” Senator. He doesn’t even hide it. He wrote about it in his book. Scary stuff; Just in time for Halloween.Read it yourself, if you have time before the election.


 But more than that, there is negativity about spending yourself further into the hole (Obama wants 800 billion (with a “B”) in newspending in these tough economic times). Ronald Regan said, “No nation in history has ever survived a tax burden that reached a third of its national income.” There is positivity about getting government off people’s backs and setting them free. We are the land of the free and every time we get government out of the way, the United States thrives!

There is a fascinating brief video about it here.


“It’s going to come down to what we believe in, and our opponents put their faith in government. John and I put our faith in all of you.” – Sarah Palin

 Aside from the military – and ours is the best in the world – I haven’t seen anything of real value produced by a federal program. The best the U.S. has to offer comes from individuals liberated from the shackles of government.

 So there you go…

 Faith in the government: vote Obama

Faith in U.S. Citizens: Vote McCain