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It’s Election Day and we’re going to hear ALL sorts of things.  So……..

Tell all your friends, because it cannot be said too many times:  ignore the attempts to suppress Republican voter turnout, otherwise known as exit polls, leaks, declaring winners, etc. Exit polls always favor Democrats, and are usually wrong by a few points.  So just ignore them all and go vote, make your calls, whatever it is you are planning to do to help get out the vote!

Here’s more, from someone smarter than me:

Exit strategy   [Mark Steyn]

So remember: In [a few] hours or so the rumors and leaks are going to start – It’s an Obama landslide! Exit polls show him winning North Carolina by 15 points! In Vermont, McCain will be the first major party candidate not to break into double digits…

It’s all rubbish. Exit polls skew Dem. In 2004, they overstated Kerry’s support by 5.5 points. Which doesn’t sound a lot. But, given that there were only ten states where the margin of victory was less than 5%, that was enough to make Kerry briefly appear the winner. The point of all the afternoon leakage is to depress turnout in the Florida panhandle and points west. Don’t fall for it.

The media have been hailing the inevitability of Obama ever since Iowa. To their credit, Democrat primary voters paid no heed. The more Chris Matthews and the rest of the gang insisted it was over, the more obstinately Hillary Dems turned up to vote for her. Captain Landslide wound up being dragged by the media across the finish line in slow motion. If the Democrat base declined to take its marching orders from Tingle-Me Elmo back in the spring, there’s no reason for Republicans to do so six months later.

GO VOTE!  Help your neighbors go vote!  Make your calls!  Get out that vote!

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