UPDATE:  It’s 7:30 pm PST and McCain is behind.  He lost PA so kiss your money and Rights goodbye! 

I think McCain will win by a slim margin which of course Obama won’t have the kahunahs to accept and will stomp up the steps to the USSCt,   pouting and crying like the cry baby that he is claiming racism!  **Picture screeching baby here**

In the end, the USSCt. will state that McCain won.  After McCain wins the Right will go back to their slumber!  But we can’t!  We must fight this out and get the R party back on track, sending the Marxists packing, and telling the RINOs to take a hike and articulate our message that we have the Right answers to solve America’s problems.

We have to fight censorship, install term limits, prosecute the criminals on Capital Hill and stay on McCain’s ass like white on rice–pun intended–not allowing him to pass any stupid legislation like SCAMnesty for the illegals, cap & trade, further hate crimes legislation and other stupid anti-American laws!

We have alot of work to do in the next two years and we can’t sleep or focus on anything else except Islam,  Marxism and let the Congress Critters know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that we are here,  and we are PISSED OFF, GET USED TO IT!  Throw the bums out!

That’s my prediction!

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